先週のブログで紹介したBlue Maxのオーナー、中村大悟 通称「ダイゴ」 雑誌デイトナの表紙の絵を描いていたと言えば知っている方も多いと思う。 そのダイゴが先月突然他界した。  In last weeks blog entry I introduced the owner of Blue Max, Mr. Daigo Nakamura aka DAIGO. He is also famous for the cover artwork he did for Daytona magazine. Well, that DAIGO, sadly, passed away unexpectedly last month. 彼とは中学校1年生からの付き合い、 MOON Discの発売も最初はBlue Maxだった。 We knew each other since my first year in middle school and in fact, Blue Max was the first to carry MOON Discs from us. [1984年頃 初めて出した広告。6ヶ月出して予算の都合中止。] [This was the first advertisement of MOON Discs released around 1984. It was used for about six months then stopped because of financial situation.] ご冥福をお祈り致します。 I miss him very much.