Long Beach Motorcycle Swap Meet

Southern California , Long Beachで毎月開催される(今年から毎月)Long Beach Swap Meetに MOONEYESも出店していますがこの所少しづつではありますが認知されてきたようです。 Held each month (once a month started this year) in Long Beach, southern California is the Long Beach Swap Meet. MOONEYES has a space there and although small it’s been getting noticed more recently. と思っているとはるかかなたにMOON Cafeのパーカーを着た人が歩いているではありませんか! 結構 日本製製品が人気あります。嬉しい事に「これ日本製?」って良い響きで尋ねられのです。 Just as I thought this, off in the distance I spotted someone wearing a MOON Cafe hooded jacket! Japanese products are reasonably popular right now. I heard the question, "Is this made in Japan?" being asked quite a bit. まずMOONEYES Wildman石井デザインのMotorcycle Tシャツの人気は凄い! However, MOONEYES Wildman designed Motorcycle T-shirts were amazingly popular! そしてこのハンドル実は、IM Factoryさんが作ってくれているのですが、注目度かなり高いです。 These handlebars were also popular. These are made by IM Factory in Japan and get a lot of attention. Brat Style製のハンドルの人気がありますし、このRat Fink SkateboardやBull Original製のMOONEYES SeatやRat Fink Seatも大人気でした。 Brat Style in Japan made handlebars were also popular as well as the Rat Fink Skateboard and these Bull Original, handmade, MOONEYES and Rat Fink seats are also from Yokohama Japan. そうしたら目の前にさっきのMOON Cafeパーカーが反対側の店で何か見ていたので 「それどうしたの?」と聞いたら「昨年のHot Rod・Custom Showに行った際に購入した」との事。ありがとうございます。 All of a sudden, right in front of me at a table across from us was the person wearing the MOON Cafe hooded jacket from earlier. I got a chance to ask him about it and he said it bought it when he was at the Hot Rod Custom Show last year. Thank you very much. 今回サンプルで持って行った5.5QTのChopper Oil Tankも注目を集めていましたし、 勿論、通常のChopper Oil Tankは根強い人気でした。 We brought a sample with us this time of the new 5.5qt Chopper Oil Tank and it got a lot of attention, of course, like a general Chopper Oil Tank would get. USではまだ正式には発売していないEmergency Fuel TankはSampleをどうしてもと言う人が購入してくれました。 Although it's not officially released in the US, we brought our Emergency Fuel Tank and aluminum bracket sample and someone purchased it. 会場にはあふれんばかりのハーレーだったので、気になったCB500とモンキーです。 At the swap meet there was an overflow of H-D bikes but this Honda CB500 caught my eye as well as this Honda Monkey. Swapt Meetでは昨年HCSに来日したMarkがブースを出していました。 Mark, a guest from HCS last year, had a space setup at the swap meet too. 初めのころはあまりパッとしなかったMOONEYESブースをめげることなく出店し続けてくれたYoshi君、ありがとう。 今年からこのSwap Meetは毎月になりました。数年前まで閑古鳥が鳴いていたような状況でしたが やはり「継続」ですね。今は入りきらない位の状況です。 At first, the MOONEYES table wasn't very popular but we are thankful that Yoshi didn't run away and stuck it out. Beginning this year, the swap meet is held once a month. A number of years ago it was struggling but they continued on. Now, it's like there isn't enough room for everyone to enter.