Show 無事終了 MOONEYES Street Car Nationals

前日までの悪天候が嘘のように晴れ上がった26日(日)、23回目になるストリートカーナショナルズ無事開催されました。 The weather, which had been really bad until the day before, cleared up with sunny skies on the 26th (Sunday) for the 23rd Annual Street Car Nationals which successfully completed without any incidents. 晴れたのは良かったのですが風が強くてテントが飛んだり商品が飛んだりで販売の方々は大変だったと思います。今回1回限りの会場ですがこれがまた広すぎてAward選考に歩き廻ったので本当に疲れました。 It was great that the skies cleared up with the only issue being the very strong winds that easily blew tents (canopies) away and even some products so it probably made it difficult for many swap meet shops. This year was the first time the event was held in such a large area and having to walk the entire area for Award selection was literally an exhausting experience. スタッフも体力勝負、MOONEYES Fun君はNITROでエナジー補給です。 It was also a test of one's own strength for many of the staff, including Mooneyes Fan who had a bottle of NOS energy drink. SCNでは普段なかなか会えない方に会えReunion(同窓会)のような感じです。23年と言う長い間に顔見知りになりこのSCNで会えるのを楽しみしている自分もいます。夕方ゲートで搬出の交通整理をしていると目の前の道が何時もの日本の道とは思えない光景でした。これは車だけでなく、それを取り巻く光、緑、そして空気の関係でしょうか。目の前が突然「なんかオーストラリア、ゴールドコーストかな」って感じに見えてきたのです。 In the blazing sun, the strong winds, and in such a large space this year's event was a full workout. It feels a lot like a Reunion (of alumni) each year because there are so many people at SCN that I don't see any other time. For 23 years, being able to meet with acquaintances at SCN is a big part of the enjoyment. In the afternoon out by the gate watching traffic control of the outgoing vehicles, the scene on the street right in front was not the usual Japanese street. It wasn't just the cars, but the lighting, the greenery, and even the air, the feeling was something like Australia's Gold Coast perhaps. なぜオーストラリアかと言うと、 Why Australia, you might think? Well, some factors like 1、左側通行 Cars drive on the left, 2、日本車が多い There are many old Japanese cars there, (窓がガーンとあいたコロナのハードトップ、強い日差し中、気持良さそうです。好きな1台です。:The 1967 Toyota Corona with the large picture windows, in the bright sun it must have been real nice. I like this one.) 3、Hot Rod やCustomが走っている They have a lot of Hot Rods and Customs too, (この写真なんか光とか車とかまったく日本には見えません!でもタオル頭に巻く人はHot Rod圏では見た事ありませんかやはり日本ですね。:This photo for some reason, maybe the lighting or the cars, does not look like Japan! But on the other hand, I've only seen towels wrapped around someone's head like that in Japan.) 4、そして決めては天候、それも日差しですね。ゲートに居て良かったです。 Lastly, the weather was the deciding factor. The way the sun was shining. I'm glad I was at the gate to see it. (交通整理中、おもむろにテイッシュを出すMr. Blue(写真左):Handling traffic control duties, gently taking out a tissue, is Mr. Blue (photo left)) 今回も沢山の人達がHelpしてくれました。 特に今回は、多くの元MOONEYESスタッフHelpしてくれたのです。ありがとう! 今度、退職した人達でMOONEYES OB会でも企画しましょう! We received a lot of help from many people this year too. In particular, we got a lot of old MOONEYES staff come and help out. Thank you! Someday we should plan for a get together of previous MOONEYES people! そして来場して下さった皆様、ありがとうございました。 また来年会場でお会いしましょう!と言ってもですね、来年の会場がありません! To everyone that was there in attendance, thank you very much. Hope to see you again next year at the event! That said, next year might not be in the same place.