2009年最後のブログ 「ザ・ダンパだよ!」

Last Blog Post for 2009 "It's the DAN-PA!" 「ザ・ダンパだよ」と言われても??の方も多いのではないでしょうか? 「ダンパ」つまりダンスパーテイーの事です。 "ZA DAN-PA DAYO" or translated, "It's the Dan-Pa," may have more people with ?? than actually known, maybe? "Dan-Pa" is a short form (contraction) of Dance Party. 土曜日のブログで 12月27日(日) は何もイベント事は無いと書きましたが 実は 26日(土) 横浜・元町のクリフサイドで開催されたこの「ザ・ダンパだよ」へ Flat-4 の小森社長 にお誘い頂き参加してきました。 This past Saturday's blog I mentioned that there were no events on Sunday (12/27), however on the 26th (Sat) at a place called Cliff Side in Motomachi, Yokohama there was an event called "ZA DAN-PA DAYO" and I was invited to go with Flat-4 owner, Mr. Komori. この Party の主催者は「Toys Club」の北原氏、 ライブは ワイルドワンズの鳥塚さん、 ビレッジシンガーズの小松さん、そして黒澤久雄さん。 This Party is sponsored by Teru Kitahara of the Toys Club and featured live performances by Mr. Toritsuka of The Wild Ones, Mr. Komatsu of Village Singers as well as Mr. Hisao Kurosawa, the son of most famous Japanese Movie Director, Akira Kurosawa. そして主催の北原さん自身も自慢のエレキを弾き (プロ並み)、参加者の皆さんは彼らの Music に合わせダンス (Go?Go?) を踊るという昔ながらのダンスパーテイー。 Also, the sponsor himself, Mr. Kitahara performed on his electric guitar with pride (he's a pro) while all the people were dancing along with his Music (Go?Go?) just like the olden days dance party. 当時小学生だった僕でもグループサウンズの曲は知っているので大変楽しい Party でした。 ブログを読んでいる若い方々には 聞き慣れないかもしれませんが この時代の曲を聴くと歌詞も分かりやすく和みますね。 それと参加者の皆さん踊りが上手でビックリしました。 I remember the oldies music from those days when I was in elementary school so the Party was very entertaining to be a part of. Perhaps the younger readers of this blog may not be used to hearing these songs but to me, it's nice to hear music from that period with its simple lyrics and fun melodies. And seeing how great everyone could dance was really amazing. 何よりも「ザ・ダンパだよ」を楽しんでいたのは主催者の北原ご夫妻、 主催者が楽しむイベントは周りの方をも巻き込み会場全体で楽しい雰囲気になります。 やはり自分が一番楽しむ事が大事ですね! (082) Above all, you could tell the person having the most fun at "ZA DANPA DAYO" was the sponsor himself, Mr. Kitahara along with his wife. With the sponsor of the event having so much fun, it was easy to see how everybody that was there rolled into one group and had fun too. It makes sense, as long as the most important thing is that you are having fun! ペー君も偶然会場で一緒でした。 Although unexpected, I was together with Pei at an event. マリンタワーの前でこれも偶然 小森社長の存在を知ってるかどうか T-1 が走りさって行きました。 Also unexpected was seeing this T-1 in front of Marine Tower in Yamashita Park, Yokohama. Maybe the VW just knew Mr. Komori was here. そして28日(月) は横浜・中華街で Bull Original ヨネ君主催の忘年会にお邪魔させて頂きました。 ありがとうございました! On the 28th (Mon), I joined Yone of Bull Original's year-end party in Yokohama's Chinatown. Thank you very much! 12月31日(木) 大晦日、MOONEYES Area-1 前で BBQ しながらカウントダウンをやっています。 よかったらお越しください。 On 12/31 New Year's Eve (Thursday), we'll have a BBQ at MOONEYES Area-1 as we hold our yearly COUNTDOWN get together. If you are in the area, you are welcome to join us. それでは皆様、2009年色々ありがとうございました。 どうぞ素晴らしい新年 2010年をお迎えください。 Lastly, to everyone out there that made 2009 a memorable year, thank you very much. I wish you all the very best in the new year and hope you bring in 2010 safely.