嵐のような雨の中開催された 2009 MOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Drag でしたが、悪天候にも関わらず沢山の人が集まり Drag Race を除き Art Auction,. Live Bands, Pin-up Girl Contest 等全て予定通り行いました。

やはり、Drag Race を見れなかった事は残念でした。色々な意味でも不完全燃焼だった今年の Xmas Party。 As posted the other day, it rained like a storm on the 2009 MOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Drag, but even though it is technically the rain season, there were a lot of people that showed up. Other than the Drag Races, the Art Auction, Live Bands and Pin-up Girl Contest was successfully completed as scheduled. However, it is disappointing to not have the Drag Races. That was the major letdown of the Xmas Party. 主催者がそうなんですから、エントリーされた方や、観に来た方々もきっと不完全燃焼のモヤモヤ状態だったと 思います。ショーは終わったけどなにかスッキリしません。このモヤモヤをぶっ飛ばす為に、2010年の夏に もう一度 Xmas Party を開催しようと思い、Speedway と相談したところ彼らもモヤモヤだったので快く承諾され 2010年7月18日(日) 1回だけの Make Up Event "MOONEYES SUMMER 2010" (Xmas Party Make Up Dry Event) を開催する事となりました。 As an organizer of the event it was a let down and I'm sure the entrants and people that came to see the drags felt the same way. The show is over, but there's an incomplete feeling that still lingers. So, to make things complete and fulfill the event, we want to hold the Xmas Party again in the summer of 2010. We consulted with the Speedway and they actually felt incomplete too and agreed. So, on July 18, 2010 (Sunday), one time only, we will have a Make Up Event titled, "MOONEYES SUMMER 2010" (Xmas Party Make Up Dry Event). 通常7月は MOONEYES USA の Open House を開催していますが、今回は Irwindale Speedway での開催となります。Summer ですからまず雨の心配はない Dry Event。陽も長いですからゆっくり楽しめると思います。 Normally in July, we have the MOONEYES USA Open House. However, this time we'll have it at Irwindale Speedway as an event. It will be summer so there's less chance of rain and more likely to be a Dry Event. Also the days are longer so everyone can have fun and enjoy the day. そしてここからです。 Now, the details. 今回の Xmas Party にエントリーしていた Show Car のエントリー代は FREE!、Vendor Booth は 1/2 プライス! そう NASH君 半額です!Drag Racer はそのままエントリーフィーを Carry Over できます。これはあの悪天候の中 Show を盛り上げてくれたエントラントの皆さまに対する MOONEYES からの感謝 Event です。 Show Car/Bike entrants, officially registered for this past Xmas Party can enter again for FREE! Vendors from this past Xmas Party can get a Vendor Booth again for 1/2 PRICE! Yes NASH (of Burnout Magazine) I said HALF! Drag Race entrants can Carry Over their entry as is. This is because of the support and turn out of all the people that showed up to the event last week in the horrible weather. This event is the best way to show our gratitude and appreciation to the entrants and all the people that were there. For more information, please call 562-944-6311, MOONEYES USA. 今年の Xmas Party Show & Drag を見損なった君、来年の夏のもう一度見れるチャンスがありますよ! 2010年の夏は "MOONEYES SUMMER 2010" カレンダーにマークしておいてください。 For the people that missed the Xmas Party Show & Drag this passed week, for what ever reason, this is your chance to catch it this summer! Be sure to mark your calendar for the "MOONEYES SUMMER 2010" this summer! Of course, we will still have the 2010 Xmas Party Show & Drag on 2nd Saturday of December 2010 as well. We are looking forward to 2010!