Hawaiian Hot Rodders

以外と知られていないのが Hawaii は Hot Rodder が多い事です。

それもオアフ島だけでなくハワイ島、カウアイ島、マウイ島とかなりの Car Guys がいます。 I had no idea there were so many Hot Rodders in Hawaii. Not only on Oahu but there are Car Guys on the Big Island (Hawaii), Kauai and Maui too. 今回は オアフ島の MOONEYES Authorized Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street" のオーナー Tad の 案内でガレージを訪ねたり、クルーズに顔を出したりしてきました。 Guided by MOONEYES Authorized Dealer "Pacific Rod & Street" owner Tad, we visited some cool garages checked out a couple cruises on Oahu. MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image まず尋ねたのは Hawaiian Metal Fabrication の George Kruse のガレージです。 右からは George Kruse, Allan Kruse and Tad Matsuno、自宅のガレージに色々な機械を入れ板金から塗装まで一人でやっています。 Metal Works では Island #1!との評判でした。 First we visited Hawaiian Metal Fabrication's George Kruse and checked out his garage. From the right is George Kruse, Allan Kruse and Tad Matsuno. Inside his home garage were all kinds of machines and metal working tools. From sheet metal to coating he does it all by himself. He has a reputation as the Island's #1 in Metal Work. MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image 次に行ったのが Allan、Allan と George は親戚です。 Allan は '62 Falcon と '33 Ford を持っていてどちらも内装を除き自分で仕上げたそうです。 話を聞くと部品は通販で Mainland から購入し自分たちで取り付けやペイントをするそうです。 Allan のクルマには MOON 沢山が、嬉しいです! Next we went to Allan's. Allan and George are related. Allan has a '62 Falcon and a '33 Ford. Look at these two cars! Everything done up by himself except interior work. Listening to their stories, they would buy parts from the Mainland (continental US) via mail order and have to install, paint, complete it by themselves. I was really impressed and happy to see that Allan's car had a lot of MOON parts! MXB: Image MXB: Image そして Kenny のガレージに '27 Ford を見に行きました。この '27年、御覧の様に大変綺麗ですがシャーシの裏側が素晴らしくもっと綺麗!、クルーズ等に行くたびにジャッキアップして磨くそうです。 スコールとかは仕方ありませんが雨の時は乗らないそうです。勿論ですね。 Then we visited Kenny's garage to see his '27 Ford. This '27 was spotless, but checking out the chassis and undercarriage it was even more incredible! Before he goes out on cruises and such, the car goes on the stand for a full detail beforehand. Can't help getting stuck in passing showers but when it rains, the car doesn't go out. Naturally. MXB: Image 彼のガレージに居ると友人の Marshall が '55 Pro Street Chevy で迫力のサウンドでやって来ました。 As we were in his garage, his friend Marshall came driving up in his muscle sounding '55 Pro Street Chevy. MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image オアフ島は Drag Strip が無くなったので走る所が無いっとぼやいていました。 彼は Pro Street でもビーサンです。 There hasn't been a legal Drag Strip on Oahu for some time now and that is still one thing many complain about. MXB: Image 庭には綺麗な 1969 Impala が For Sale、30,000 マイルのオリジナルマイル He drives his Pro Street with "slippahs" (Hawaiian Style). Over on the lawn was a 1969 Impala FOR SALE with 30,000 original miles. MXB: Image ドアの締り音なんてまるで新車のようでした。 The sound of the door closing was as if it were brand new. ほしい!! I want this!! 次は 1963 Impala のーオーナー Morgan を訪ねました。彼はまだ 29歳、頼もしいです。 Next we visited Morgan and his 1963 Impala. He is only 29 years old. MXB: Image MXB: Image さすが若者、大径ホイルで Slammed、Audio、でも1963 Impalaを選んだのは偉い! このクルマを Yokohama Show に持って行くのが夢だと語ってくれました。 Just as the younger generation his choice of large diameter wheels, Slammed with Audio in this 1963 Impala is an excellent choice! He said it is his dream to bring this car to the Yokohama Show. 今度は仲間が集まっている言う Burger King 駐車場へ向かうと 10数台の Hot Rod が集まっていました。カークラブ名は "Hawaiian Isles Classic and Hot Rod Club" で 黄色の 1953 Chevy のオーナーは Kalei が Car Club の VP です。ムーンのためにミーティングしました。ありがとうございます!! Next, they said a bunch of guys were meeting at the Burger King parking lot so we headed over there and there were at least 10 Hot Rods there. Their car club is called "Hawaiian Isles Classic and Hot Rod Club". The owner of yellow 1953 Chevy is Kalei, the Vice Prisident of the Car Club. He set up this little meet for us. Thank you very much!! MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: ImageMXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image Gasser の Falcon とか Anglia とか過激です。Mainland から MOONEYES が 来ると言うのわざわざ集まってくれたそうです。 ありがとうございます。 Falcon Gasser and Anglia were radical. They said they all came because MOONEYES from the mainland was coming. Thank you very much. MXB: Image 最後に Lisa and Bryan の自宅を尋ねました。彼らは良く California の MOONEYES に来てくれるのです。 Finally, we visited the home of Lisa and Bryan. He visits MOONEYES in California all the time. MXB: Image MXB: Image そして Bryan は大の Rat Fink Fan! Also, Bryan is a big Rat Fink Fan! MXB: Image このケースを見て下さい。 Just look at this showcase. MXB: Image 今週末 Pomona で開催される NHRA Winternationals の来ると言うので再会を誓いガレージを失礼しました。 This weekend they were going to Pomona for the NHRA Winternationals so perhaps we'll see each other again. MXB:  Image 翌日、Jason & Tracy の Chevy に同乗し、 Honolulu の端にある "La Mirana" レストランに行きました。 The next day, Jason & Tracy took us for a ride in their Chevy to "La Mirana" restaurant near Honolulu. MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image 店内は沢山の Tiki 等が飾られ良い雰囲気でした。 The interior was decorated with Tiki and the atmosphere was real nice. MXB: Image その後 Island の ウィンワード(東方)、Aikahi Park で毎週第一土曜日に開催されている "Aikahi Park Shopping Center Cruise Night" へ行ってきました。 常の 100台前後が集まると言う Cruise だそうです。 After that we headed for the windward side of the island (Kailua), to Aikahi Park where every first Saturday of the month they gather for "Aikahi Park Shopping Center Cruise Night". They said about 100 on average gather for this cruise night. I also met Steve, a nice car guy and owner of a CQQL orange '32 Ford. He has been very helpful with Tad and MOON. Thank you. MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: ImageMXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: ImageMXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image MXB: Image 前日にあった人達とも再会したり、新しい友人が出来たり、Islanders は皆 Warm Heart で楽しい時間を過ごす事ができました。 Within the few days, I got to meet a lot of new people and hang out. They all showed me how people of the islands have a warm heart and I truly enjoyed spending time with them. オアフ島に行く事があったらここの Cruise は行って見る価値あり! For anyone that has a chance to go to Oahu, you must check out this cruise if you can. It is worth it! 是非尋ねてみて下さい。Aloha のおもてなしで迎えてくれるはずです。 If you do get a chance, I'm sure they will welcome you with Aloha. ホノルルを昼に出ても時差の為 LA には夜到着、でも夜到着の便はこの素晴らしい夜景がみられるのです! Leaving Honolulu in the afternoon, you arrive in LA at night, but arriving in LA at night, you get to see this spectacular night view! MXB: Image 昔、LA に行く直行便は少なく、羽田を夜発、ホノルル経由で夜 LA に到着、 この夜景を見るたびに「帰って来たな〜」と思ったなんとも素晴らしい眺めを 久しぶりに見る事ができました。 A long time ago when there were many flights from Japan into LA, we would leave Tokyo at night and head to LA via Honolulu and arrive at night just like this picture. When I saw LA at night I thought, "I'm home again." It's been a long time but the view reminded me of those days and it was nice to see it again. 2泊 3日、正味 2日位の Quick Hawaii Visit は Tad、そして多くの Car Guys のおかげで有意義な物となりました。 Islander の皆さん、ありがとうございました。 2 nights and 3 days, a 2 day Quick Hawaii Visit with Tad, Jason & Tracy and a bunch of Car Guys was a wonderful experience. To everyone in the islands, thank you very much. We shoud have a car show in Oahu someday!! ア ローッハー!