4月1日(木)から MQQN Cafe は店内全面禁煙となります。 個人的には大歓迎ですが 経営する立場からは大きな決断です。1992年 Open 当時の MQQN Cafe はカウンターを禁煙にしていましたが当時のニーズに合わず数カ月で消滅 それ以来何度となく出ては消えた話ですが今回は本気です。 でも売上も心配で す。。。 詳しくは かながわのたばこ対策 お読み下さい。 外のテラス席では今まで同様本牧通りを行き交うクルマを見ながら喫煙をお楽しみいただけます。 Beginning April 1, 2010 (Thursday), MQQN Cafe will be completely non-smoking. For me personally, as a non smoker, this is welcomed. However, it's a big decision to consider from a managerial standpoint. When MQQN Cafe opened in 1992, the bar counter was initially non smoking. It lasted for several months but after constant requests from customers, the situation slowly changed. This time though, it's for real... Smoking will be permitted outside on the terrace, as it has always been. Smokers can enjoy the terrace seating and watch the cars drive along Honmoku street. The Kanagawa Prefecture which includes the Yokohama area where MOON Cafe is located will put a new ordinance in effect to ban smoking in public places. The ordinance is dubbed the "Prevention of Exposure to Secondhand Smoke" and set new restrictions and guidelines. Places like MOON Cafe could offer smoking and non-smoking areas. However, the decision has been made to make it completely non-smoking.