Lunch - ランチ

お知らせ: MQQN Cafe は 2/27(月)〜3/2(金) 空調 & 店内メインテナンスの為臨時休業させて頂きます。
3/3(土) より新しい空調システムになり暖かくお過ごし頂けると思います。

NOTICE: From 2/27 (Mon) - 3/2 (Fri), MQQN Cafe will be closed for mandatory maintenance.
On 3/3 (Sat) we'll open with a new heating unit in place to enjoy the comfortable warm temperatures.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

嬉しい事に Shop にチラシが来ていました。
遂に Santa Fe Springs にも日本食テイクアウトが出来ました。
30年前は Shop 隣にある Hungry Boy だけでした。 しかし少しグリーシーなので毎日は食べれません。
その後 向かいの Gas Station でさっぱり系サンドイッチを始めてくれたので選択が増えましたが
その Gas Station も廃業してしまいしばらく途方にくれていると 2 or 3 ブロック走る辺りに
色々できたのですがバブルだったのですね。 今は残っていません。 そして L&L Hawaiian Foods が
出来て 「最高!」 何て思っていましたが。 そうしょっちゅうは食べれません。 そして遂に満を期してこれが登場です。
誰が作っていようがそれらしい味なら関係ありません。 とは言ってもクーポン Coupon が クポン Cupon に
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I'm happy to learn about a new restaurant near the shop. Finally, there's Japanese take out in Santa Fe Springs. 30 Years ago there was only Hungry Boy located next door to the shop. However, it's a bit on the greasy side so it's hard to eat there every single day. After that there was a fresh sandwich place across the street at the Gas Station which gave us an option but eventually the Gas Station closed down. We were out of options until there were several places that popped up during the bubble about 2 or 3 blocks away. All of those are gone now. Until L&L Hawaiian Foods opened up which I thought, "Awesome!" However, I don't eat there very often. After years of waiting, now there's this new place. Who opened the shop or how it tastes really doesn't matter at this point. Although, the fact that their flier spells Coupon incorrectly as CUPON does have me a little uneasy... But let's try something and see how it tastes?