Parties Before and After the Show

12/2(日) 開催の 21st Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 まで遂に 2週間! Show 前日、 土曜日 MQQNEYES 主催の Little Get Together Party が終わって 21:30 から元町ラビ4F (元町プラザ前) The Bridge Yokohama で Dice Magazine 主催の Dice Party があります。 毎年明け方迄大騒ぎしているそうなので覗いてみてはどうですか? Just 2 more weeks until the 21st Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2012 on Dec. 2 (Sunday). The night before the show, on Saturday, is the MQQNEYES hosted Little Get Together Party from 7-9PM and then from 9:30PM at The Bridge Yokohama (Ravi Bldg 4FL) is the Dice Party hosted by Dice Magazine. Every year the Dice Party goes off all night until dawn so if you have the chance, please have a look. そして Show が終了した後、 Guest Car '29 Ford Roadster オーナーの Rez が所属する Corsairs Car Club 主催の After Party が Jack Cafe Basement で 19:30 から開催されます。 会場から10分くらい大桟橋の付近にありますのでぶらぶら歩いて行く事も出来る距離です。 まっすぐ帰路につかずちょっと休んでいったらどうでしょうか?! Then, after the show on Sunday, guest car '29 Ford Roadster owner Rez and the car club he belongs to, Corsairs, is hosting an after party at Jack Cafe Basement from 7:30PM. It's about ten minutes away from the Pacifico Yokohama. Head on over after the show is over. After a long day at the show, you can take your time and relax a bit at the party before heading home! Hope to see you there!