30 Year Old Heater

寒い! 日本並みに寒い南カリフォルニア、 異常気象は全世界的の様です。 こんな時に30年間使い続けられたがヒーター壊れたのです。 古いから New に交換した方が良いとのアドバイスを受け只今 New に交換中です。 今日から暖かく寝れそうです。 It's cold! There's been abnormal weather all over the world and even Southern California has been cold like Japan. The heater I've been usingd for the past 30 years had to break right now. I got it checked out and was advised to swap it out for a new one rather than fix it. Starting today, I'll be able to sleep warm at night. heater-232 heater-233