photo-354_3 photo-356_2 あれから約 1年、 MQQNEYES Dragster ほぼ完成です。 Wildman の出張はこの後、 マレーシア、 ベルギーと続きます。 It's been almost a year since that incident, and the MQQNEYES Dragster is just about complete. Wildman is here painting it now and he's off to Malaysia for Art of Speed and then Chimay, Belgium for Euro Bug-in right after that. photo-357_2 黄色い GOOD YEAR ロゴではこの Dragster にマッチしないので白くしました。 The yellow GOOD YEAR logo doesn't match with this Dragster so it has been made white. photo-355_2 ほぼ完成の Dragster Almost completed Dragster photo-354_4 ついでに Ford Pickup も化粧直しです。 While Wildman is here, he's also making much needed touch ups to the Ford Pickup.