In Pomona, CA

NHRA Museum では MQQN Exhibit 継続中です。
まだ MQQNEYES Dragster & MOON Beam 等を見て無い方にはチャンスです。

The MQQN Exhibit at the NHRA Museum is still continuing. If you haven't had the chance to see the original MQQNEYES Dragster & MOON Beam as well as the other cars and memorabilia on display, this could be your last chance. At this point in time, I have no idea how much longer the exhibition will be showing.

2013年11月7-10日、 NHRA World Finals で MQQNEYES Funny Car が走るのを見れるかもしれません。

The NHRA World Finals will be held in Pomona from November 7-10. There is a slight chance you will be able to see the MQQNEYES Funny Car in action!

at Swap Meet、 Bridgestone MQQN Tire and MQQN Hub と Old Firestone Drag Tire w/ Magnesium 5 Spoke Wheel

At the swap meet, I saw these old Firestone Drag Tires with Magnesium 5 Spoke Wheels and Bridgestone MQQN Tires with MQQN Hubs.

at Swap meet、 MQQN Equipment Company 当時の製品です。

At the swap meet, there were also some vintage, period MQQN Equipment Company manufactured items.

at Swap meet、 偽物ステッカー!

At the swap meet, I also saw fake stickers!