11月 8, 9 & 10日 (金~日), Pomona, California で開催される NHRA Championship Drag Race "World Finals" に "MQQNEYES"/Jim Dunn Racing Funny Car が Jeff Arend の Drive で走る予定です。 MQQNEYES の Full Color はこの Race だけ、 One time です。 このチャンスと逃すともう無いと思います。 会場では記念の T-shirts を MQQNEYES トレーラーにて販売も予定しています。 The NHRA Championship drag race "World Finals" will be held in Pomona, California on November 8, 9, & 10 (Fri-Sun) and Jeff Arend is scheduled to be driving the "MQQNEYES"/Jim Dunn Racing Funny Car. MQQNEYES full color funny car will race for just this one time. If you miss this chance to see it, I don't think there will be another again. We will be selling limited event only T-shirts at the MQQNEYES trailer during the event. さらに 11月 5, 6, 7 & 8日 (火~金) は Las Vegas, Nevada で SEMA Show が開催されていますので 1週間で両方を見る事が可能です。 Then on November 5, 6, 7 & 8 (Tue-Fri) in Las Vegas, Nevada is the SEMA Show so in one week, you could see them both. mooneyesfc2
crownclassics2013 PS: 24回目の Crown Picnic は 10/27(日) 本牧山頂公園にて開催します。 PS: The 24th Annual Crown Picnic will be held on 10/27 (Sun) at Honmoku Sancho Koen (Honmoku Hilltop Park) in Honmoku, Yokohama.
hcs2013 PSS: 22nd Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 速報 今年は Born Free Award に選ばれた Bike & Owner は 来年 6月末に California, USA で開催される Born Free #6 に招待されます!! 1. Bikeの往復輸送代 (Yokohama-Long Beach) 2. 一人分の往復航空券 (成田-LA 往復エコノミークラス) 3. 現地での宿泊 (6泊の予定) 以上が Born Free Show 主催者から提供されます!! PSS: 22nd Annnual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2013 Special News Update! For those of you entering the bike show at HCS2013, if you win the Born Free Award, the organizers of Born Free have announced that they will invite and bring the bike & owner to Born Free 6 held in June next year in California, USA!! Which includes: 1. Bike transport/logistics round trip (Yokohama-Long Beach) 2. One person round trip airfare (Japan to LAX, economy) 3. Lodging for 6 nights