12/1(日)HCS 2013まで 一ヶ月を切りました。 One month until HCS2013

このブログが配信される頃、HCS2013 会場のレイアウトを進めていると思います。
11/2(土) にレイアウトを完成させ、 受理書郵送は 11/10(日) の予定です。
さて USA ではコンテナへの搬入も終わり、 もうすぐ Yokohama へ旅立ちです。
残り 1ヶ月あまり、 これから一気に色々な事が決まって行きます。
土曜日の Little Get Together Party の後 Dice Party が横浜西口近くの
CAELUS で 10pm~5am まで開催されます!!

By the time this blog post is published, the HCS2013 event layout should in the works.
Once the layout is completed today, 11/2 (Sat), we'll be sending out confirmation letters in the mail by 11/10 (Sun) if everything goes to plan.
Over in the USA, the containers have been loaded and shipped. They will be arriving in Yokohama soon.
With only one month to go before the show, a lot will take place all at once.
On Saturday (the night before the show) after the Little Get Together Party, the Dice Party will be held at CAELUS near Yokohama station West Exit, from 10PM-5AM!

60starliner-016 container2-019

container2-001 container2-035

photo-462 60starliner-012

60starliner-015 container1-bike012


yokohama flyer_2

ちなみに、 11/7(木)〜11/10(日) Pomona, California に開催される NHRA World Finals です。 そこで Jim Dunn Racing の MQQNEYES Tribute Funny Car が走り出します!

By the way, the NHRA World Finals will be held on Nov.7-10 in Pomona, California. Jim Dunn Racing will run a MQQNEYES Tribute Funny Car during this event!