速報 2つ / 2 Announcements

28回目の Street Car Nationals は例年通り東京お台場で 4月13日(日) に開催が決定しました。
しかし、 会場の大きさは昨年の 2/3 位になるので 600台が MAX のエントリー台数になると思われます。
今週末には Web にエントリー要項を掲載出来ると思います。
USA車、 日本車、 ピックアッップ、 VW、 K-Car などのエントリー可能台数を
今週末の Website をご覧下さい。

Like previous years, this year's Mooneyes 28th Annual Street Car Nationals event will be held in Odaiba at the Aomi Parking are on Sunday April 13, 2014. However, although it's the same location as last year, the area is 2/3 size which will limit the entry vehicles to about 600 MAX.
We will have event information and more details on our website later this week.
USA cars, Japanese cars, pickups, VWs, K-Cars and other groups will be limited this year to keep the balance of the overall show.
Be sure to check our official website this weekend for details.

急遽ですが昨年 NHRA を走った Jim Dunn/MQQNEYES Funny Car が同じカラーリングで
2月6日(木)~9日(土)Pomona で開催される NHRA Winter National でもう一度走る事になりました。
もうすっかり Body を覆っていたラップは剥がされた思っていましたがまだだった様です。
11月の World Final でもう一度走る予定です。
Body カラーは変るかもしれません。
11月はまだ先です。 今から休みの予定を入れて下さい。

One other Announcement:
A bit of a last minute announcement but last year the Jim Dunn/MQQNEYES Funny Car that ran at the NHRA Final will run again with the same coloring on February 6 (Thu) through February 9 (Sun) at Pomona during the NHRA Winter National event.
I had thought the body was already stripped of the wrapping but it wasn't. It was a last minute discussion so maybe the appearance will not look as good.
However, there are plans of it running again in November during the World Final again. The body color might be changed.
November is still far away. You can start making plans to be in Pomona now.