65th Grand National Roadster Show

main_gn_show_350 January 24-26, 2014 Fairplex, Pomona, Ca. (USA) The "100th Anniversary of Bonneville" 1927ModifiedRoadster 今週末は 65回目の Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) です。 今回の Theme は "A Century of Speed" 100th Anniversary of Bonneville Chico's #533 1927 Ford Modified Roadster も展示されます。 (Building #9) MQQNEYES Booth は Building #4 です。 Fred Larsen's #115 Streamliner は MOONLiner、 MOONBEAM and MOONEYES Dragster と共に隣の NHRA Museum に展示中です。 お出かけの方は是非お見逃し無く! しかし65回って凄いですね。 20歳だった人は 85歳です。 This weekend is the 65th Annual Grand National Roadster Show (GNRS) in Pomona, California. The featured theme this year is "A Century of Speed" celebrating the 100th Anniversary of Bonneville. Chico's #533 1927 Ford Modified Roaster will be on display. (Building #9) The MQQNEYES Booth will be in the main hall, Building #4. Drop in for a visit. Fred Larsen's #115 Streamliner is currently on display with the MOONLiner, MOONBEAM and MOONEYES Dragster inside the NHRA Museum which is located next to the Fairplex as well. If you are heading to GNRS this weekend, don't miss this chance to see the museum as well! Wow, 65th event is awesome. People that were 20 years old during the first one are now 85 years old.