A Swingin' Night at MOON Cafe

HCS でお馴染みの Surf Band "The El Caminos" の Eddie Ugata が催す
"Surfin' and Hot Rod Music" の一夜 "A Swingin' Night at MQQN Cafe" を MQQN Cafe で開催します。
彼の莫大なレコードコレクションの中から厳選された "Surfin' and Hot Rod Music" を堪能して下さい。
"For Those Who Think Young" な方も そして "Young, but Old Heart" な方も
車、 サーフィン、 音楽が絶妙にリンクしていた時代の Music を Enjoy して下さい。
1回目は 3月21日(金) 19:00からスタートです。
皆で Swing しましょう!


From the same band that plays Surf Music at HCS, "The El Caminos" leader Eddie Ugata will be spinning "Surfin' and Hot Rod Music" for one night at MQQN Cafe called "A Swingin' Night at MQQN Cafe". He has carefully selected "Surfin' and Hot Rod Music" from his huge record collection for this occasion.
The gathering is not only "For Those Who Think Young" but also people that are "Young, but Old Heart" as well.
Please come and enjoy the music from this era that is the perfect match with cars and surfing.
The first date is Friday March 21, 2014 from 7:00PM.
Let's all Swing and have a good time!

The space is limited so I don't know what to expect...
But let's do it and find out!