Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015

hcs2015_1946 Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 キャンペーンの開始です。 "Save" どう言う事?と 思うかもしれません。 これは「皆で協力し合ってこのイベントを継続させましょう」と言う感じです。 毎年、色々な問題が出てきますが それらを一つ一つ潰しながら先に進めて行くしかありません。 「自分達の楽しみは自分達で守ろう」って事です。 今年もご協力お願いします。 このステッカーはイベント会場、Shop等で配っています。 お気軽にお尋ね下さい。 Save The Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show 2015 We have officially started the new campaign. You might wonder why "Save"? It's more about "Everyone working together to keep the show going". Every year there will be new obstacles but we have not choice but to stay together and crush them one at a time. It's up to us to find the right way to continue doing what we enjoy. We hope to have your continued support again this year. This sticker is available at Mooneyes shop and any event booth Mooneyes is at. Please get your free sticker and help support #hcs2015.   hcs2015-socal-speedshop_2126 SO-CAL Speed Shopの重鎮: 右から SO-CAL Speed Shop の Founder Alex Xydias, Owner Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine at Pomona. CA SO-CAL Speed Shop leaders: (from the right) SO-CAL Speed Shop founder Alex Xydias, owner Pete Chapouris and Jimmy Shine at Pomona, CA.   hcs2015-blaster_0585 Italian Pinstriper "Blaster"   hcs2015-barcelona_81 in Spain   hcs2015-barcelona_0643 in Spain   hcs2015-barcelona-80 Some Restaurant in Spain.   hcs2015-cole-foster_89 Cole Foster is back, at Kutty's Hippy Killer Hoedown Show in CA.   hcs2015-dan-collins_84 Dan Collins at Kutty's   hcs2015-chopper-dave_2362 Chopper Dave is back after his serious accident.   hcs2015-danny-takahashi_2359 Takahashi-kun and Rob at Kutty's   hcs2015-save-your-money-82 This is made by Marcos, Free Kustom Cycle, Spain. Yeah, you should save your money to buy airplane ticket!   mui-dean-moon-jr-83 Dean MOON Jr. が VODKA(ウォッカ)でガラスを磨いています。 匂いはキツイですが 拭いた跡も残らず本当に奇麗になります。 お試し下さい。 Deanは既に赤くなっています。 And here's Dean MOON, Jr. using VODKA to clean the showroom windows. The smell is strong but it leaves no streaks and the glass was clear. Try it out for yourself. Dean was already red at this point.