Rat Fink / Reyn Spooner Special Products

Rat Fink Designの Reyn Spooner製 Goods and Clothing が発売開始です。 全商品が Hawaii で作られた Sewing and Tailored in Hawaii、 Hawaii製です。 その Hawaii made の Reyn Spooner 商品だけに付いているタグがこれです。 Rat Fink design Reyn Spooner made goods and clothing are now available. All of these products are made in Hawaii, sewing and tailored in Hawaii. Reyn Spooner Hawaii made products have an exclusive tag like this (below). madeinhawaii 小物はアイテムごとに一人の Hawaiian が製作している 100%手作り商品です。 Reyn Spooner の最大の特徴となる Reverse Print 生地は 1960年代の創業時から made in Japan で、Japanでしか出来ないそうです。 全商品 "Limited Supply" でリピートはありません。 オンラインから注文できます: Accessories are all 100% handmade by a person in Hawaii. The main feature of these Reyn Spooner products are the reverse print material which they have been doing from the 1960s which originally could only be made in Japan. All of these items are very limited in quantity "Limited Supply". They will not be restocked. Order online: rarf003-000 rsrf001-000 rsrf002-000 rsrf004-001 rsrf005-000 rsrf006-ck rsrf009-001 rsrf008-000 rsrf007-000