Swiss Trip

swiss2015_1019 Swiss の Basel と言う街で開催された Art and Wheels と言うイベントに参加してきました。 今回が一回目のイベントです。 主催者が選んだバイクのみ室内に Art 作品等共に展示された at Home な感じのイベントでした。 I attended an event called Art and Wheels located in the town of Basel in Switzerland. It was the first time this event was held. The bikes on display were all invited by the event promoters and exhibited together with the art. The event had a very "at Home" feeling to it.   swiss2015_073 swiss2015_075 swiss2015_076 swiss2015_079 swiss2015_081 swiss2015_104 swiss2015_114 swiss2015_115 swiss2015_092 swiss2015_121   swiss2015_1148 日曜日は MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer の Custom Parts and Wear を尋ねたの前回で紹介しましたので 今回は店内等を紹介します。 On Sunday I visited, MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer, Custom Parts and Wear. I introduced them in my last blog post. Below is the inside of their shop.   swiss2015_1141 swiss2015_180 swiss2015_173 swiss2015_175 swiss2015_176 swiss2015_208 swiss2015_1131 ガレージ内にはこれら以外にも修理中の車が沢山。 Other than this car, there were many cars being worked on in their garage.   swiss2015_1150 Shop ツアーの後、 David君の車で Hot Rod Shop を尋ねる Cruise に出かけました。 After a shop tour, we went for a cruise in David's car to another hot rod shop.   swiss2015_1183 swiss2015_320 swiss2015_283 Schaub Metal Works Owner はまだ 29歳の若者です。 Schaub Metal Works The very young owner of this shop is only 29 years old.   swiss2015_1184 Fischer Classic Cars   swiss2015_1190 swiss2015_1201 swiss2015_1202 France の軍隊から出た物でこの中に Complete の Flathead Motor が入っていたそうです。 上のフックはパラシュート等を取り付ける際に使うそうです。 This crate is from the French Army and was said to have a complete flathead motor inside. The hook on the top is used for parachute latches and such.   swiss2015_346 swiss2015_1208 swiss2015_1214 原発だそうです。 Apparently a nuclear power plant is nearby.   swiss2015_1224 swiss2015_1219 草原を抜け、 山道を上がるとなんとそこには "Andy's Tiki Bar" と言うレストランが Swiss で Tiki、何かうけるような気がしました。 Going through the countryside, up a mountain road, we came to "Andy's Tiki Bar" restaurant. A Swiss Tiki for some reason has a nice ring to it.   swiss2015_368 swiss2015_376   swiss2015_1233 swiss2015_407 日も暮れてと言っても 9時くらいです。 It started to get dark at around 9PM.   swiss2015_1241 Hotel の前を走る路面電車。 A streetcar that ran passed the hotel I stayed at.   swiss2015_1260 本牧の MQQN Cafe にて。 冷えたビールは美味しい!! When I returned home to Honmoku I stopped at MQQN Cafe. An ice cold beer does in fact taste great!!