Stock Car Racing

stockcarracing-1 NASCAR のメッカ Charlotte, NC で活躍する Akinori Ogataさんからの画像です。 先週末 Tri-County Motor Speedway で開催された Southeast Limited Late Model Seriesが主催する WrenchRags 125 と言うレースの模様です。 画像では車はまだ奇麗ですがレース中他車に沢山当てられて自車もかなりダメージを追って結果は8位だったそうです。 Motorsports の情報はF1以外あまり入って来ないのが寂しい日本です。 These images were sent by Akinori Ogata from The Mecca of NASCAR Charlotte, NC. Last weekend at Tri-County Motor Speedway he raced in the WrenchRags 125 Southeast Limited Late Model Series. In the first images the car is still clean but during the race there are many other cars and bumping into each other causes quite a bit of damage. He finished in 8th place. Aside from F1, foreign motorsports information doesn't really make its way to Japan, sadly. stockcarracing-2 stockcarracing-3