Pro Touring Toyota Crown

AON2015 明日は18回目の All Odd Nationals (AON2015) が東京お台場で開催です。 昨年の HCSで最後となった Crown Picnic は今年から Crown Classics Reunion (同窓会)として AON と一緒に開催します。 Tomorrow is the 18th Annual ALL ODDS Nationals (AON2015) in Odaiba, Tokyo. During last year at HCS, the last Crown Picnic was held but this year during AON, we'll have Crown Classics Reunion.   pro-touring-crown-82 さて先日 California Long Beach で開催された Eventでの 1台の Crown を紹介します。 これは Pro Touring Crown と呼んでも良い出来の車です。 詳しくはスペックがありますから読んで下さい。 USA の日本車事情も色々変わってきました。 では明日 お台場で会いましょう。   Speaking of Crowns, last weekend at an event in Long Beach, California was this one Crown that really stood out. This is known as a Pro Touring Crown and has been build really well. Just take a closer look at the spec sheet. The concepts of Japanese cars in the USA has changed over the years. Well then, hope to see you tomorrow in Odaiba.   pro-touring-crown-60 pro-touring-crown-69 pro-touring-crown-64 pro-touring-crown-58 pro-touring-crown-57 pro-touring-crown-79 pro-touring-crown-68