Display Change を変更しました

Area-1 1F に展示中の 3台 (CB750 2台, CB500) と 2F に展示中だった 3台 (Triumph 2台, Digger) を入れ替えました。 We recently changed the display of the bikes inside Area-1. The three bikes on the first floor (2 CB750s and a CB500) were replaced with three bikes from the second floor (2 Triumphs and a Digger). california-blue-1 Triumph - California Blue easy-four-1 Honda CB750 - Easy Four elegant-four-1 Honda CB750 - Elegant Four freakin-four-1 Honda CB500 - Freakin' Four kalifornia-lime-1 Triumph - Kalifornia Lime moon-digger-1 Harley-Davidson - MQQN Digger