HCS2016 Poster

hcs2016-poster 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show のポスターが完成です。 MQQNEYES USA から Jocko Johnson が製作した Streamliner を運んできます。 Vans Shoes とのコラボレーションは SK8-HI と SLIP ON の 2種類がショー会場で発売となります。 デザインの発表は10月初旬、お楽しみに! Vans Shoes のブースでは Vans Shoes 50周年を記念し 15 Artists が作り上げる 特大 Vans Slip On Shoes が 展示される "Color Blast" が開催されます。 まだ色々な事が進行中です。 決まり次第徐々にアップしていきます。 ご期待ください。 The 25th Annual Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show poster is complete. This year features some very special guests and events including the Jocko Johnson built Streamliner from MQQNEYES USA. Vans Shoes will collaborate with MQQNEYES on not one but two limited edition shoes. A pair of SK8-HI and a pair of Slip-ons. The final designs will be announced during the first week of October so stay tuned! At the show this year, the Vans Booth will also feature a Vans Shoes 50th Anniversary 15 artist gallery of size 50 Vans Slip On Shoes! It's called "Color Blast" so be sure to check it out. There are more announcements still to come. We'll update you here!