The Race of Gentleman (TROG), Pismo Beach, CA

TROG の開催される Pismo Beach は Shop のある Santa Fe Springs から約200 miles そんなに遠くはありませんが MQQN Transporter に MQQNliner を載せてたどり着くかどうか? The location of TROG was Pismo Beach which is about 200 miles from the shop in Santa Fe Springs. This isn't too far but for the MQQN Transporter hauling the MQQNliner, it was a concern.   001_0150 101 を北上中 Heading north on the 101   002_8751 お決まりの 「エンジンが掛からない」 と言っても何とかなってしまうので絶対にちゃんと修理はしません。 "The engine won't start" is something we expect to hear but always find a way to get it going without properly doing any work to it.   003_8766 3:00pm、 Pismo Beach に到着、 満ち潮で会場はヌルヌル状態でした。 We arrived at Pismo Beach around 3pm. It was high tide and the track was soaked.   004_8769 素晴らしい天気です。 The weather was splendid on Friday.   005_8768 006_8779 007_0250 夕方から会場近くのキャンプ場で Old Camper のショーが開催されました。 In the evening at a nearby campgrounds, there was an old camper show taking place.   008_0208 Porsche のキャンピングカーです。 世界で 3台とか。 勿論エンジンは Flat-4 This is a Porsche camper. Apparently only 3 exist in the entire world. Of course, the engine is an air cooled Flat-4.   009_0203 010_0204 Old Camper も楽しそうですがこれに泊まる勇気はありません。 Old campers look like a lot of fun but I don't know if I could spend the night inside something like this.   011_0197 012_0215 013_0213 014_0210 015_0242 MQQN Ramp Truck は長年の Bonneville 通いがたたり今では床も抜けてしまう状態で修理不能に近い状態です。 せめてこの位の Ramp Truck が欲しいです。 The MQQN Ramp Truck worked for many years taking a beating to Bonneville and back. Now the floors are coming apart and it's almost at a point of no repair. At minimum, I'd like to have a ramp truck like this.   016_0232 017_0249 018_8805 翌朝、 土曜日は何と雨。 The next morning, Saturday it rained.   019_8832 どうしましょうかって言う位の雨です。 It rained so much we debated on what we should do.   020_0259 西海岸では初めての TROG と言う事で大勢の人がやって来ました。 日本からは勿論、 色々な国の方を会う事が出来ました。 This was the first time TROG was held on the west coast and there were huge crowds of people that showed up. Of course, many from Japan but I met a lot of people from all over the world there.   021_8838 とは言っても Race は開催されます。 Rain or Shine です。 In the current conditions, the race was held. After atll, it's a rain or shine event.   022_0273 023_8840 開店休業状態の MQQNEYES Booth The MQQNEYES booth was open but had no business at all.   024_0289 025_0284 026_8929 027_8936 028_8944029_0321 030_0334 朝の感じは走れそうなかったのですが何とか数本走れて満足そうなドライバーです。 It didn't seem like anyone would be driving in the morning but a few were able to and the drivers were very pleased.   031_8950 Santa Maria から北上 30分、 Pismo から南下 15分の街、 小さな街 Nipomo にある有名なステーキ屋さん "Jocko's" 一度行ってみて下さい。 予約も取るそうですが 取っても取らなくても待つ様ですが因みに僕らは2時間以上待ちました。 About 30 minutes north of Santa Maria and around 15 minutes south of Pismo is a small town called Nipomo and there's a famous steak restaurant called "Jocko's". Whether you call in and make reservations or just show up, you will be waiting on certain nights. By the way, we waited over 2 hours before getting our table.   032_8966 033_8977 日曜の朝、晴れています! しかし、潮とか色々な事情によりこの日のレースはキャンセルとなりました。 Sunday morning the weather cleared up! However, the sand and other conditions were not great and the cancelled the races.   034_8996 035_9020 日曜日がキャンプ場でカーショーとなりました。 On Sunday, the campgrounds held a car show.   036_9022 LAヘの帰りみち、いつもトラブル。 写真だけみるとHoodを開けてるだけなので大した事なさそうですが 実はそうでもないのです。 On the way back towards LA, as usual we ran into problems. A photo of the hood open doesn't explain much and it doesn't seem like much of a big problem. However, it was quite the opposite.   037_9032 何とかなると言うのは何時間掛かっても目的地に着くと言う事です。 できるならスムースに行きたいのですが 何とかなってしまうのでちゃんとは修理はしません。 また次にどこかへ行くと同じ事がおきます。 MQQNEYES USAです。 と言う事でやっと家に帰れます。 After all that's said and done as well as many hours that pass, we normally make it to our place of destination. I sure would like to have a smooth ride with no issues but that doesn't seem to work out and somehow we do make it without any real maintenance done. I'm sure the next trip will have the same problems no mater where we go. This is MQQNEYES USA. And finally, we reached home.