ホイル磨き / Wheel Polish

久々にホイルをポリッシュしました。 日本製の Shake Morley を使うと燻んでいたホイルが20分/1本位でご覧の様に! It's been a while so I made some time to polish my wheels. I tried this polish from Japan called Shake Morley and spent about 20 minutes on each wheel with the following results! 他社の物と比べるとはるかに早く綺麗になります。 でも4本磨き終わったら手の指が全部つってしまいました。 Compared to other polish brands I've used, this polish was faster to work with. However, after 4 wheels, my fingers were all cramped up.   Shake Morley by Morita Polish Artist, made in Japan. 4,000 Yen/ea と少々高価ですが価値ありの1本です。 ぜひお試し下さい。 Shake Morley by Morita Polish Artist. Made in Japan. Priced at 4,000yen per bottle, it's a bit pricey but for a good reason and this 1 bottle is worth it. Try it out.   ご覧の様に綺麗になりました! As you can see, this is after I was finished and it looks great!