Lotto Shop in Tainan city, Taiwan

台湾、台南市にオープンした MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer "Lotto Shop"です。
MQQNEYES 商品を販売するShop, ガレージ、そして 食事が楽しめる "Lotto Cafe"がありゆっくり楽しめます。

MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer "Lotto Shop" that opened in Tainan, Taiwan.
There is a shop with MQQNEYES products, garage and "Lotto Cafe" where you can enjoy a meal and relax.
Less than 2 hours from Taipei with a bullet-train, and 15 minutes from Tainan station with a car. If you have a chance to go to Taipei, please come and visit.

Lotto Shop in Tainan city, Taiwan


Shop Door is great.

散髪中の オーナーRyuさん。
Ryuさんは高雄にもShopがありそちらMQQNEYES Authorized Dealerとし7年以上営業し
今回 台南にもオープンしました。

Owner Ryu taking a hair-cut.
Ryu also has a shop in Kaohsiung and worked as MQQNEYES Authorized Dealer for more than 7 years and this time it was opened in Tainan.
It might be difficult to register an old car in Taiwan.

Lotto Cafeでは HamburgerやHot Dog等のAmerican Foodsが楽しめます。

At Lotto Cafe, you can enjoy the American Foods like Hamburger and Hot Dog.


You mark the laminated menu with a marker for an order.

注文したHomemade Beef Burgerです。

Homemade Beef Burger that I ordered.
What is the plastic bag on the bottom right??


In that plastic bag, there was a glove.
It is to eat with your hand like this.
So, your hand doesn't become dirty.


There was an event on the day so, the kitchen was really busy.

新しくStudioを移転したAir Runnerにお邪魔した。
Air RunnerはCustom Painted Helmetの販売、Bike等へCustom Paintを行っています。

I also visited Air Runner who moved to new Studio.
Air Runner sales Custom Painted Helmet and have Custom Paint on Bike and other things.

右から、日本でもお馴染み、Air Runner Jeffrey, Air RunnerのCo Owner Wren and 台北のMr. G事 Reece

From the right Air Runner Jeffrey familiar in Japan, Air Runner Co-Owner Wren and Taipei's Mr. G also called Reece

量販店だけで無く、夜市等でも 販売されている全て偽物MOONステッカーの数々。
訪れる先に偽物有り です。

Not only the major market but also at night market all these MOON Stickers are bootlegs that are sold there.
What should we do with it, it is really troublesome.
Where I visit, there are bootlegs.