Last Blog in 2021

Merry Christmas.
手作りの素晴らしいタイヤにGenuine Mini MQQN Discが装着されたMQQNEYES Award。
今年のHCS 2021で初めて登場しました。

The MQQNEYES Award with Genuine Mini MQQN Disc equipped on the wonderful hand-built tire.
It is the first time to appear at this year’s HCS2021.
It is not often that this special Award is offered,  but it is definitely that this is the one of pride.

もう一つDetailをお見せしたいのは VANS x MQQNEYES , M2 1/64 Ford Econoline Van
色々と話ながら進められたこのモデルは 2021 VANS x MQQNEYES Half Cab Shoes and Era Shoesを購入頂くともれなく付いてきます。バラでの販売してません。

And another thing in detail that I want to show is the VANS x MQQNEYES, M2 1/64 Ford Econoline Van. Many things were decided and proceeded for this model and if you purchase the 2021 VANS x MQQNEYES Half Cab Shoes and Era Shoes it will come together. It is not sold separately.

去年の今頃も来年は…… 何て言っていたのをですが今年もです。なんとかHCS 2021が開催出来たのが良かったです。2022年も前向きで行きましょう!

This year we spent the year with COVID-19. And around this time of last year. We were looking forward to next year but, it is the same again this year.
However, it was great that we were able to hold the HCS2021.
Let’s LQQK forward to 2022! 

Wishing you a safe and happy Holiday Seasons!