35th SCN


久しぶりにShow会場にMOONEYES’ CarsをDisplayしました。
Toyota Dually 2台、Toyota Crown HT 2台 and 87 El Camino 2台 なんでも2台です。


When I left Yokohama at 4 AM in the morning, it was raining but when I arrived at the venue, the rain stopped.  It was a miracle that it was cloudy after the rain and until 3 PM of closing it didn't rain! Things like this really happen.

MOONEYES' Cars were displayed at the Show venue, for the first time in a while. Two Toyota Duallys, two Toyota Crown Hard Tops, and two El Caminos, everything is two. It's not like a plastic model, so you don't have to own two but, its nice to have two.

We were able to hold the event safely without any big troubles! Thank you for everyone's cooperation. Let's meet at the Odaiba for next 2024!


The wheel is Alcoa, Grille related parts are also changed to chrome, and it's the original Dually.
1996年新車からあるDually, 当時は Eagle の Wheel があったので White Dually を探しましたが時代が経ち過ぎた為入手出来ませんでした。SCNの少し前にNew Paint にしました。

This Dually is new from 1996, and at that time there was Eagle Wheel. I looked for it for the White Dually but, too much time passed, and not able to get it. It is in the New Paint before SCN.
1970 Toyota Crown HT
こちらは最近出来上がったHT, 部品取りを3台見つけ出来た1台です。

This is a recently, completed HT, it is the one that is made from three for taking parts. 

一時期3台あった87 El Camino, 1台をSFS, CAに戻したので2台になりました。

There were three El Caminos for a while, and one is in SFS, CA and it is two now.

Buickは今回Air Suspensionを入れたので自走でイベントに参加できる様になりました。


Air Suspension is equipped to the Buick and, it is now able to participate in the event by itself.

MOONEYES' work vehicles.
最新作のNISSAN NV200.

The latest project car NISSAN NV200.
創業当時からある1974 VW T-II

1974 VW T-II owned since the establishment.


The event ended without any big trouble but, the mess was left at the venue (it’s not just this place). Please take your trash with you.
Some people might think that they have paid the registration fee, but it is a different thing. It is quite hard to pick up the wet rice. We appreciate your understanding.
3台目の87 El Caminoは無事SFS, CAに到着しています。

The third '87 El Camino has safely arrived at the SFS, CA.
SCNの3日後の5/17はMOONEYESの37周年でした。ご近所のFlat-4さんにも参加して頂き、BBQを開催しました。 うるさかった様で通報が入りPoliceが来てくれました!

May 17th, three days after the event was the 37th Anniversary of MOONEYES. Neighboring FLAT 4 participated and had a BBQ. We seemed to be noisy and got reported, so the Police came!