Bonneville Speed Week 2013

#533 Car は 11日 Sunday に Blower の中が壊れて走行不能となった為 2013年の Speed Week 挑戦は終わってしまいました。 10月の World Finals に再挑戦です。

On Sunday the 11th, something inside the blower broke on the #533 car which prevented it from running. As a result, Speed Week 2013 was over for the team. The next challenge will be in October at the (Continue reading…)

Dragster is back home from Europe

MQQNEYES Dragster と Ford Pickup がベルギーから戻ってきました! The MQQNEYES Dragster and Ford Pickup has returned from Belgium!

MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper、Darren です。 MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper, Darren.

Trailer Company にも気を効かせてくれ、 Tractor Head も Yellow です!! The Trailer Company was even effective with it’s yellow tractor head!!

Race Proven!! MQQN Tank (Continue reading…)