NHRA Museum MOON Exhibit Extended

MQQN Exhibit は3月中旬まで延長されました。 MQQN Exhibit extended until mid-March 2013. Maybe the chance to see the original MQQNEYES Dragster and Devin-bodied MQQNBEAM in California. Of course, you can also see the MQQNEYES Streamliner MQQNLINER and others as well as the historical showcase and memorabilia.

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Dragster is back home from Europe

MQQNEYES Dragster と Ford Pickup がベルギーから戻ってきました! The MQQNEYES Dragster and Ford Pickup has returned from Belgium!

MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper、Darren です。 MQQNEYES Official Traffic Stopper, Darren.

Trailer Company にも気を効かせてくれ、 Tractor Head も Yellow です!! The Trailer Company was even effective with it’s yellow tractor head!!

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