Race on Sunday!

Super American Festival、 3年振りに Camaro を走らせました。 残念ながら Camaro も Vega の DNQ (Did Not Qualify)と言う結果に終わってしまいました。 多分これが今年最後の走行になるかもしれません。

It’s been about 3 years since we took the Camaro out to Super American Festival. Although there was no trouble, unfortunately both the Camaro and the Vega were DNQ (Did Not Qualify). This is probably the last time (Continue reading…)

Bon Odori Festival 2013 at YC&AC

来週の土日, 8/3 & 8/4 は YC&AC で37回目の Bon Odori Festival です。 入場料は無料、17:00~21:00, Intentional Foods and Drinks で 夏の夜を楽しんで下さい。

Next week Saturday/Sunday (8/3-8/4) at YC&AC is their 37th Annual Bon Odori Festival. It’s open to the public and free to join, from 5PM-9PM. There will be international food and drinks. Come enjoy the summer (Continue reading…)

今週末/This Weekend at Fuji Speedway

7月28日(日) Super American Festivalで久しぶりに走ります。

This Sunday July 28 at Fuji Speedway is the Super American Festival. It’s been a long time but I’ll run the red Camaro there this weekend.