Last Weekend

東京、代官山 Tsutaya Bookstore で開催された Levi’s Vintage Clothing Event へ行って来ました。 I went to the Levi’s Vintage Clothing event over the weekend at Tsutaya Bookstore in Daikanyama, Tokyo.

Von Franco の Airbrush Sweatshirts. 全世界で 35枚 Only!! It featured Von Franco’s airbrush sweatshirts. Only 35 made worldwide in this series!!

MQQNEYES Matsui-kun の Roadster Pick (Continue reading…)

Levi’s® Vintage Clothing HOT ROD 展示

明日 4/28 (日) ~ 4/30 (火) 東京、 代官山にある Tsutaya Bookstore で http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/levis/ が開催され、 Kid Rocker の Model A が展示されています。

Tomorrow 4/28 (Sun) through 4/30 (Tue) in Tokyo, Daikanyama Tsutaya Bookstore, http://www.mooneyes.co.jp/levis/ Mooneyes Staff Kid Rocker’s Model A will be on display at the Levi’s Vintage Clothing Hot Rod Exhibit.

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久しぶりの東京/Recent Tokyo Visit


A friend of mine opened an Italian restaurant in Tokyo’s Aoyama district so I made the trip out to Tokyo for a visit.

折角だから代官山に出来た TSUTAYA の Daikanyama T-Site も覗いてみようと

It’s been a while since I went to Tokyo so while I was there I decided to stop by Daikanyama and take a (Continue reading…)