Chaparral (シャパラル) 一度は見てみたい憧れのレースカー

Photo: Sam Okamoto
一度は見てみたい憧れのレースカー。そのシャパルが今年のモントレー ヒストリカル レースの目玉となると言うから落ち着いていられる訳がない。32回目となるこのレースは毎年、歴史的価値のあるレースカー等にスポットを当て、今年は遂にシャパルの登場となったらしい。
25年前だと思うけどShelbyがその時のスポットとなり たまたま当時はCaliforniaに住んでいたので夜通し走りShelby MustangやCobraを見に行ったのもこのレース。初めて見るCobraや1965 Shelby GT350に鳥肌が立ったのはいまだに記憶に新しい。しかも古いクルマだろうが、歴史的価値があろうが、コースを結構真剣に走ってしまう所がUSAの懐の深さだろうか。
そんなレースがカリフォルニア ラグーナセカで開催されるモントレー ヒストリック オートモービル レース。
毎年色々なクルマがSpotを浴び、常に気になるイベントだけどなかなかに見に行けるチャンスも無く、何時も雑誌で我慢していたが、「今年はシャパルだよ」 とCaliforniaに住む友人が誘ってくれたので何とかしてチャンスを作ろうとしたけど結局友人に「写真送って」とお願いする事で落ち着いてしまった。

Ford GT40 MKIIとChaparralは小学生だった僕らには余りにも衝撃なクルマ、とにかくそのカッコ良さに参ってしまった。 スロットカー全盛の時代、COXから発売されていたけど 余りに高額なので子供にはとても手が出せる代物では当時なかったけど、兄が買ってくるクルマ雑誌やPlayboy誌に常に大きく取り上げられていた、そのシャパラルが見れるチャンスだったのに!

余談ですがそんなCanAmレースが富士スピードウエイを逆廻りで開催された際、Dean MOONはUSACの一員として来日したのでした。
Chaparral, race car I long for and want to see.
Photo:Sam Okamoto
That chaparral is going to be hot shot for Monterey Historical Raceand I cannot be not attempted to go. It is the 32nd year for this race and every year historical valuable race cars are picked up and finally it was Chaparral for this year.

Back in 25 years ago, Shelby was picked and since I was in California, It was the same race I went driving through night to see Shelby Mustang and Cobra. Its still fresh in my memory about seeing Cobra and 1965 Shelby GT350 for first time and how I had goose bump from that appearance. I was amazed by scene of those historic valued race cars race seriously on track, May be that why USA is so great.

That race held in Laguna Seca in California is the Monterey Historic Automobile Race. Every year different race car is chosen to be picked up and always I was curious to see but I have never been able to attend from Japan and end up seeing it on magazine. I tried to see it again as my friend in California told me that Chaparral is picked up this year but again I ended up asking my friend to take picture for me.

Ford GT40 MKII and Chaparral were so cool to us in the Junior School time, We were flattered by their cool appearance. During time while slot cars were hot, Chaparral was released from COX but it was too expensive to buy for a kid at time and always was featured in car magazine and playboys which my older brother used to buy. It was the chance to see that Chaparral.

But my friend sent me a memorial T shirt for me knowing I would love to go.Thank you.

Back than Toyota and Nissan was approaching to race in CanAm race Cars and fashion are still as it was in good old days.
By the way Dean MOON was here in Japan as member of USAC when they raced in Fuji speed way going other way round.