Sling Shot/スリング ショット

California Bakersfieldで毎年開催されているNHRA California Hot Rod Reunionに行ってきました。Reunion-同窓会、タイトルの様にまさにOld Racer&Race Carの集いです。
このイベントでは少し前までの中心は50年代のレースカーでしたが、最近は60年代のドラッグスターも多くなってきました。俗にSling Shotと呼ばれる細身のBodyのドラッグスターです。僕が一番好きなスタイルのドラッグスターです。


それ以前のドラッグスターはフレームの幅は後も前もほぼ同じだったのでMOON Fuel Tankを置くスペースはありましたが、形がSling Shotに変わってからはそのスペースも無くなり、お陰でMOON Fuel Tankが装着できなくなってしまいました。沢山のドラッグスターを写真で見て下さい。
その中で一台 "SAMURAI" というDragsterがありました。

MOONEYES Dragsterの修理に必要なのがフロントリムです。スワップミートで18インチがあったかと思いましたが残念ながら19インチでした。なかなかみつかりません。
Sling Shot
This issue is about the NHRA California Hot Rod Reunion in California Bakersfield, which is happening every year and I have been to one on last weekend. Reunion as it is on the title, it was gathering of Old Racer & Race Cars.

From some where these cars were found and almost all are restored to running condition. Its miracle how these race cars can be found and its really showing depth of American Car Culture to have them restored to running condition again.
Willys is also found under the dust in corner of garage for more than 35 years.

Now adays, even Japanese Automobile company such as TOYOTA and NISSAN have restored Old Race Cars and brought it back on course to run in Japan. I think its wonderful thing. In Japan Automobile has less cultural value and cars and especially the race cars were crushed in Salvage yard. I think with Automobile company doing this Old Japanese domestic car culture can gain more cultural value.

This Event used to have mainly 50s race cars before, but now 60s Dragsters entry has increased. These dragsters are called Sling Shot and they are more narrow body dragsters. This is my favorite style Dragster.
Frame gets narrower as it goes to front and front wheels spreads wide at front. That unique shape.

Previous Dragster frames have even width from back to front, so there were space for MOON Fuel Tanks but when the frames changed to Sling Shot, there were no space and because of that MOON Fuel Tanks were not able to fit in the frames. Please take a look at many pictures of Dragsters.

There was Dragster called "SAMURAI".
This Dragster was on article of Japanese AUTO SPORTS magazine when it run as exhibition in JAPAN GRAND PRIX at FUJI JAPAN in 1968. I thought it was imported from USA to JAPAN for that race but it was actually owned by someone in the Air Force based in JAPAN and he had ordered and brought it to Japan. We don't know about how it was kept and taken to races but isn't that some story with dreams.

Oh there were fire in the mountain on the way to Bakersfield in suburb of LA. In this season California has lots of fire in the mountain caused by the heat.

MOONEYES Dragster needs front rims to repair. There were wheels at Swap meets but they were 19 inch and not 18 inch. Not easy to find. If you know anyone has 18", please let me know.