先週末Long Beach、クイーンメリー号近くで

"Japanese Classic Car Show
Meet The So-Cal Old School Imports"


もう一つ印象的だったのはYoung ジェネレーションが大変多かった事です。


GTR仕様の右ハンドル スカイラインが2台もいましたし、日本のナンバープレートを付けたクルマも数台あり、軽自動車のナンバーをZに付けていたり、4ナンバーを乗用車に付けていたりでした。そのうちUSAでも品川、横浜ナンバーが人気になったりするのでしょうか?
日本でもステッカーの付いているCalifornia プレートをフロントに付けているケースありますが、それぞれ他の国の習慣・事情は簡単には分りませんね。

Last weekend by the vessel "QUEEN MARY" in Long Beach California USA, there was a car show called "Japanese Classic Car Show Meet The So-Cal Old School Imports" for Japanese imported cars into USA from before 1985.

Car show for Japanese cars in California didn't sound that interesting to me and I imagined it was mostly for recent and usual kind of Japanese cars on the street. But it was actually Great show and I was surprised to find various Japanese Classic Cars Like TOYOTA, NISSAN/Datsun off course and rare cars like MAZDA RX2 RX3 that don't get to see often on the street. Some Right hand drive cars were there too, which is hard to register to drive in California. But recent smog and registering regulation changes its getting easier to register cars which is 25 years old and older. Others like Left handle Nissan Sunny Trucks, Rare MAZDA "R" Coupe, Datsun 510, and Datsun SP/SR were there.

Other impressive thing was that there were many Young generation at the show. I felt that it was turning into good times as Japanese car show for 1985 and previous years are held in California USA which is different from Sport Compact cars and D1 car shows.

I found lots of cars with fender mirrors at the show. To explain what is going on here, These fender mirrors are made for Japanese Domestic market models. Which means that they were not available on Export Models sold in USA and some other countries.

It was very interesting to see how people are choosing Japanese Domestic models fender mirrors and making cars like Domestic models. It is also interesting to note that in Japan people put export models door mirror instead of fender mirror as it was not available in Japan for domestic models to make it look like Export models. Every one seems to want different looks on their cars. These domestic models look TOYOTA CELICA which seem to have style build up with fender mirrors and one tail light lenses to make it Domestic models and also seen some fender mirrors on TOYOTA COROLLA but not many NISSAN/Datsun had fender mirrors on.

There were also 2 of GTR look Right hand steering NISSAN SKYLINE.
Some others with Japanese number plate on their cars. But it seems that the information about difference in color and head numbers on number plate are missing as I have seen NISSAN Fairlady Z with yellow number plate for light motor cars with less than 660CC size engines and 4 number head number plate for Trucks put on Sedans which should have 3 number or 5 number on head numbers. May be some day people find out that SHINAGAWA and YOKOHAMA on head line of number plate are more favored in Japan and actually choose them to put them on their cars in USA.

I have seen some people put USA number plate with TAG on front of car in Japan and seems like its difficult to know about other countries habits and situation. May be someday sticker of JAF (JAPAN AUTO MOBILE) or Japan car Inspection certificate stickers may get to be a popular item to put on their Japanese cars in USA and other countries. Japanese number plates are sold at high price in eBay too.

Please check out these pictures, as they say "seeing is believing".