Viva Las Vegas (VLV)

USAでも日本車ベースのカスタムが、にわかにブームのようです。 その中でもCB750が依然人気があるようで、ここViva Las Vegasでも多くのCB750ベースを見ました。 It seems that there was a sudden boom in Japanese motorcycles being used for custom base bikes in the USA. Within those bikes the CB750 is still the more popular choice and there were a lot of CB750s being used as base bikes at Viva Las Vegas. (CB750,このエンジンの幅とCam Coverがカッコいいですね:CB750, the width of this engine and Cam Cover is so cool.) (CB750はこの角度が一番カッコいいです。特にChopper系はです。この張り出したモーターが何とも言えません:The view of this CB750 from this angle is the best. Especially as a Chopper. What I wanted to say that 4cylinder wide motor look cool!) (でもマフラーが強烈です:But why is the muffler like this?) (SUZUKI LS400) (KAWASAKI 750 Twin) (SUZUKI LS650) (HONDA CB750K) (HONDA CB750K) (YAMAHA XS650) (KAWASAKI W650) そして日章旗も人気があるようですが、USAでこのBattle Flagを付けるは現地の人はOKでしょう。しかし我々に日本人はどうでしょうか?Iron Crossも同じ意味合いはありますけど・・ Also the Japanese rising sun looks to be popular as well but I wonder if locals were OK about this Battle Flag on display.