明日は Big Show / Big Show Tomorrow

明日は Big Show / Big Show Tomorrow

明日は年に一度のBig Show。 まだ前売り券を購入されていない方は MOONEYES Area-1 & MOON Cafe または お近くの ローソン or チケットピア でお求めください。 今日 12/5(土) 24時まで発売中! コチラのコードをメモして、今すぐGO!!! *ローソン チケット Lコード:39839 *チケットぴあ   Pコード:616-232 Tomorrow is the once a year Big Show. If you haven't purchased advance tickets, you can still get them from MOONEYES Area-1 & MOON Cafe as well as any Lawson convenience store or Ticket Pia outlets. Today, 12/5 (Sat) means it will be on sale for the next 24 hours! Write down the codes below and Go now!!! Lawson Ticket: L-code 39839 Ticket Pia: P-code 616-232 それではショー会場でお会いしましょう。 So then, hope to see you all at the show 1974年に製作された Honda Step Van を展示します。 Be sure to check out this Honda Step Van on display, originally customized in 1974. 昨日、成田空港 (NRT) に迎えに行こうと思ったら LAからの便が5時間遅れると連絡が入りました。 5時間!! って言うとNRTへの到着は22時位、横浜に着くのは24時位になってしまう。 しかも20名も、大変だ! When we were about to head for Narita Airport (NRT) to pick up guests from abroad, I got a call from LA informing me that the flight was delayed 5 hours. 5 HOURS!! That means they will arrive at NRT around 22:00 (10PM), which means we'll get back to Yokohama around 24:00 (12AM). Not only that, there are 20 people! サンフランシスコからの10名は予定通り到着なので一度NRTに行き ホテルに送り(横浜)、 NRTへとんぼ返りし遅れて到着20名をPick Upすると言う事になりました。 The flight from San Francisco with 10 people is on time. So we'll go to NRT, pick them up, go to the hotel (Yokohama), turn right around and go back to NRT and pick up the 20 people from the delayed flight. 実は昨年も大幅な遅れがあったのです。 As a matter of fact, there was a huge delay last year as well. 昨年は順調にNRTまで飛んで来たのにNRT周辺の天候が悪く着陸できず 燃料切れになるので一度名古屋に着陸し燃料を補給しNRTに戻ったので 到着が4時間も遅れたのでした。 Last year, the flight to NRT was going well until just before preparation for landing, the weather got really bad so the plane couldn't land. The airplane circled above until it was forced to land in Nagoya so it could refuel. After getting fuel in Nagoya, it finally landed in NRT 4 hours late. 昨年は天候不順が理由ですが 今回は整備不良が原因らしい。 今 何かと話題の航空会社です。 The flight last year was delayed by weather but this time it was because of maintenance. I just realized almost my entire post is about the airline company.