ショー終了! / Show Finished!


表彰されたプラークを盗まれた人がいたりで、こう言う事があるとやる気無くなりますね~。 The show came to a close without any major incidents and the Party we had on Saturday before the show was very exciting, however I couldn't believe there was at least one attempt to get in with a photo-copied prepaid ticket! There was also someone that stole an award plaque, it's these little things that really make me lose interest in holding events at all... 朝から搬入の最前線に立つ Mr. Blue。 From the early morning, Mr. Blue was standing at the very end of the line guiding entry vehicles in. 同じく朝一で登場の Bull OriginalのYone君 At the same time in the morning, Yone of Bull Original showed up. これから始まります。 The show was about to begin. HCS をバーゲン特設会場にしてくれた Mr. Blue。 Mr. Blue made a special bargain table setup especially for HCS. でも彼女が Mr. Blue の特設会場をこの様に綺麗にしてくれました。 ありがとう! However, it was her (pictured) that made Mr. Blue's special table look so great. Thank you! Brat Style の Display 気合いが入ってました。 Brat Style's display had a lot of spirit put into it. Kustom Kulture の案内人、NASH。 Kustom Kulture host, NASH. 人形かと思ったら本物でした。 I first thought this was a doll, but it's actually a real person. American Graffiti ブース ライトアップされた背景が良かったです。 The American Graffiti booth was last to be setup and the background really came out great. CB500 "Freakin' Four" painted by Harpoon と 1974年に製作されたStep Vanと共に。 CB500 "Freakin' Four" painted by Harpoon and an old Honda Step Van made back in 1974. 成田空港への送迎バスです。 This was the bus we used to escort the guests to Narita Airport after the show.