Okinawa Trip pt.2

So Cal 沖縄を後にした僕らは58号線で宜野湾にある Steak House Restaurant "Sam's Anchor Inn" へ向かいました。 
After I left So Cal Okinawa, I took route 58 and headed for the famous steak house restaurant "Sam's Anchor Inn" in Ginowan (west coast of central Okinawa).

沖縄と言えば Sam's か Pizza House に決まっています。
When you are in Okinawa, two must-see/eat places are Pizza House or Sam's.

Customers that come from all over the world have stuck their business cards, I think that is what most of them are, completely surrounding the stairs leading up the where the striking aroma of the 50-60s era remains strong.

まずは Waiting 等で一杯できる Bar いいですね。
First, however, we must wait so we have a drink at this cool bar.

After we have a drink at the bar before we eat, we head over to the dining area and there's a lot of open space.

そしてダイニングは全て Teppan 焼きです。Teppan なんて言うを構えちゃいそうですが、さすが沖縄です Steak に色々付いて 3,000円以下で 素晴らしい価格です。信じられません。
All dining meals are prepared by Teppan style and only in Okinawa, you get steak and everything else for the low price of 3,000 Yen ($30), which is an incredible price. It's hard to believe.

スープ、サラダ、メインデイッシュの Steak 勿論ポテトとかの付けわせ付きです。そしてガーリックの Fried Rice まで付いてこの価格!
Soup, salad, main dish of steak and of course, with potato and garlic fried rice; all for this price!

この Fried Rice、Volcano Rice と呼ばれ、Fried Rice を火山にみたて、炎を出す演出がにくかったです。
They call the fried race, Volcano Rice because of how it's cooked and prepared by producing this amazing blaze right in front of you.

The final touch was another fine 50-60s era touch of delicious sherbet from the owner of the restaurant.

沖縄らしい Steak House です。一度は行かれる事をお勧めします。
Sam's Anchor Inn
At the bar, there was a collection of many historical things and memorabilia like a license plate from the time period when America had occupied Okinawa.
This steak house is highly recommended as it truly represents Okinawa.
Sam's Anchor Inn