Bonneville Speed Week 2010 & 富士 ハンバーガー情報

Bonneville Speed Week 2010 です。 現場からの Hot な写真を紹介します。 This year MOONEYES USA went to Bonneville Speed Week 2010 and sent photos along the way. MOONEYES Shop を出発、Las Vegas 経由で、 From their departure in Santa Fe Springs, a pit stop in Las Vegas, and Bonneville Salt Flats に到着です。 from the Bonneville Salt Flats. MOONEYES Trailer Drivers Meeting & 1st Run Pizza Party!! & Downtown Wendover BFG and Jimmy Shine from SO-CAL Speed Shop ハンバーガー情報 Hamburger News ハンバーガーが美味しいと言うので富士まで行ってきました。 橋を渡ってお茶畑を抜けると I was told of this place that had great hamburgers so recently I made a trip out to Fuji to find out. You go over a metal bridge and through a tea plantation. 山小屋風のレストラン Baba Looey があります。 Then once you get past that you see a log cabin style restaurant called Baba Looey. GPS と地元の人のガイドで行ったので 位置関係が全く分かりませんが 富士のお出かけの際は行かれる事をお勧めします。 I was guided mainly by locals and my GPS but the exact location of this place I don't know. However, they have a blog and if you are heading to Fuji area this is a highly recommended stop. オーナーの愛情がこもった優しい味の美味しいハンバーガーです。 The owner puts a lot of effort and their love for hamburgers really shows in the great taste.