Just about two weeks to HCS!


Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS) まであと2週間、 時間はあっと言う間にすぎて行 きます。 明日、会場レイアウトを決めてエントリーの皆様に受理書をお送りする予定です。 ギリギリになってしまってすみません。 そしてこれから色々な事を決めて行かなくてはなりません。 こんなギリギリになってと思われるかもしれませんが、 何時もそうなんです。 The Hot Rod Custom Show (HCS) is just about two week away. Time goes by in the blink of an eyes. Tomorrow, we finalize the layout of the show area and begin sending out entrant acceptance confirmations. Sorry to everyone for cutting it so close to the event. There are many more things that need to be decided on before the event. You never think that it will be so close to the date but it seems to always be so. 去年のLGT Party 搬入日の土曜夜に開催される LGT Party は約400名位の方々が参加されるようです。 海外からの方々や、 普段なかなか話す機会の無い方々と楽しい時間を持って頂 けたらと思い始まったこのParty、 ここ数回、結構いい雰囲気で楽しんで頂いているようです。 The LGT Party that is held on Saturday night, a day before the show is up to about 400 people. The guests and many visitors from abroad, people I don't get to see very often and many others have a great time together at this party, every time we have this party it is an excellent experience and I think everyone has a genuine good time. ゲストの方々が提供してくれる物が当たるラッフルもあります楽しみですね。 更にこのLGT Party後、 Dice Magazine主催のDice Partyがstudio bittersであり、 Garage Bar 1961ではBean Banditsを囲んだBean Banditsも開催されるそうです。 詳しくは をご覧下さい。 The guests are the main part of the party and we have a raffle during the party too. After the party for the past couple years, there has been an after party put together by Dice Magazine, appropriately called DicE Party and this year it's going to be at Studio Bitters. Also Bean Bandits are having a party at Garage Bar 1961 on the same night as well so it will be a interesting night for sure. For details, please be sure to check out the HCS official site and information. 夜、 横浜の繁華街に繰り出すより楽しそうなイベントがありますから 2日間どっぷり HCS ずけになるのも良いかもしれませんね。 HCS を中心にいろいろな事があるのは楽しい限りです。 横浜での2日間を存分に楽しんで下さい! There are a lot of things to see and to around the Yokohama area at night including the event that lasts all day on Sunday. It will be the weekend of HCS to have a good time during the entire 48 hours or more. Don't forget that there's a lot of things to do and see inside HCS on Sunday starting with the ride in in the morning. Enjoy the two day festivities in Yokohama to your heart's content!