MOONEYES Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010

今年の MOONEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010 は晴天、しかも夏の様な暑さの中で開催できました。 ゲートオープンの朝6時 陽はまだ昇りません。暗いうちからどんどん車が入ってきます 大きなトラブルも無く まさにFun Place! 素晴らしい一日になりました。 This year's MOONEYES USA Xmas Party Show & Drag 2010 was held in fine weather, in fact must like summer heat all day which was great. The gate opened at 6AM before the sun came up and cars flooded into the parking areas in the dark. It was a fun day for all to have with no major incidents to report. All in all, a fabulous day under the Southern California sun. 夜が明ける前から車が集まって来ます。 Cars began coming in the gate before the sunrise. Burbank Choppers MOONEYES Favorite Award に輝いた Cyclon AFX The Cyclon AFX was the MOONEYES Favorite Award pick. Pin-up Girls Yokohama Show の Guest Chevy S-10 "Green Inspiration"のオーナー、Steve はこんなすてきなケーキを作って来てくれました。Thank you!! Guest with the Chevy S10 "Green Inspiration" to the Yokohama Show last weekend, Steve, made this incredible cake and came to the Xmas Show. Thank you!! Event Staffの背中にプログラムがプリントされています。 結構 役にたったようです。 All of the Event Staff had the schedule/program printed on the back of their shirts. It really came in handy as it was everywhere. Yokohama Showに来てくれた Bean Bandits は DragRace に参加 Also at the Yokohama Show, the Bean Bandits were there with this awesome hot rod participating in the Drag Races. 夕陽が沈む頃Showは終わりました。 The show came to end as the sun was setting. 一般駐車場が満車になったので入れない車はレースコース駐車する事になりました。 The parking area was completely full and overflow of cars had to park in the race coarse parking area.