ショー 終了 Show is over

過去最高のエントリー数と入場者数で 2010年 の HCS は終わりました。 ご来場あ りがとうございました。 今回は 150 人を超えるメデイアの方々にもお越し頂きましたのできっと沢山の雑 誌に掲載されるのだろうと思って期待していますが。 が 身元確認の為に頂戴した名刺をチェックしていたら、何とその 1/3 の人はどう見てもメデイアでないと分かる名刺を頂いていました。 チェックが甘い 我々が悪いのですが その上を行く輩が沢山いるのに驚きです。 その他リストバンドの不正使用とかそこまで入場料を払いたくないのでしょうか? With a new record high in the number of entries and attendance, the 2010 HCS has come to an end. Thank you to all the visitors and everyone that was part of the show. The event this year had about 150 registrations of media people so it looks like there will be a high volume of event coverage in upcoming magazines. I do expect and hope to see these sometime soon. However, after going through and checking the media registration list and business cards, about 1/3 of the people were in no way media related. I guess it is our fault for making it so easy for registering but still, a lot of the people on this list I recognize and a few of them I know personally. On top of this there were several cases of people using fake wristbands to get in the show, it makes me ask just how far people will go to avoid paying to get in? 昨年は Little Get Together Party の入場券のカラーコピー版が発券されたり、 その前は出展者駐車場券のコーピー物発覚とか ま とにかく セコイ、情けない の一言ですね。 リストバンドの着用を求めると 面倒臭そうな表情の人や、一言何か言う人や、 楽しく、 気持ち良く物事を進め対めたいものです。 Last year, we found an incident of color copies that were made of the tickets for the Little Get Together and another time of vendor parking passes being copied. I mean, that's just cheap and pitiful to say the least. At the entrance areas where staff have to check wristbands, it's like they are the "bad guys" for asking, they get dirty looks, smirks and sly comments as if they are troubling everyone walking through. I mean, where is the smiles and fun positive vibes from these people? Aren't they happy to be there? Don't they want to be there? I really try to keep everything about the show precise with straight forward guidelines to keep things on track. ここまで酷くなると見てみぬフリも限界のようです。 Free で入るチャンレジするのも分かりますが、開催している方の事も考えてみ て下さい。 とは言えこんな方々は全体のほんの一握りの人たちです。 The number of incidents have reached a point where it's not possible to ignore anymore. I can understand the mindset of the challenge to get in free, but think about all the others that are part of the event. That said, again, this is only a very small handful of people taking doing this sort of thing. この日を楽しみに前売り券/当日券を購入し入場された方々は 一日存分に楽し まれた事と思います。 ご来場ありがとうございました。 またエントラント皆様もありがとうございました。 イベントはエントラントと来場する方があって初めて成り立つ物です。 ご協力ありがとうございました。 I do believe everyone that did purchased advance tickets/tickets at the gate and truly took part in the event really enjoyed themselves to their hearts content. Thank you for your attendance. Again, thank you to each entrant that was part of the show. It is without a doubt, an event doesn't happen without the entrants and each person in attendance. Thank you for your cooperation. 今年は 5-6 回近隣から騒音/違法駐車で警察の方にお越し頂きました。 周辺はマンションもあるので近隣に迷惑をかけるショーの存続は考えなくてはいけ ない状況でもあります。 来年は 20周年です。 This year there were about 5-6 calls from neighboring areas of noise complaints/parking issues and illegal activity that had the police involved. I think it goes without saying that we'll have to consider this in planning future shows because there are neighboring residents and condominiums in the vicinity and we don't want to bother them or cause them any trouble. Next year will be the 20th anniversary.