Leaving from Haneda / 羽田発

Orange County Int'l Airport Orange County Int'l Airport (SNA) に到着、すいています、のどかです。 When we arrived at Orange County Int'l Airport (SNA), it was slow and quite. この所 羽田 (HND) 発 San Francisco (SFO) 経由, Orange County Int'l Airport (SNA) で USA に行ってます。 For travels to the USA, I have recently started using the Haneda (HND) departure for San Francisco (SFO) route, then transfer on to Orange County Int'l Airport (SNA).
夜中に HND を出ると同じ日の夜 7:30 頃 SNA に到着します。
SNA - Santa Ana Airport の略ですが この Orange County Int'l Airport, John Wayne Airport とか 3個も名前があります。
分かりづらいですね。ちなみ僕は Orange County と呼んでいます。 The plane leaves at midnight from HND and by the time I arrive in SNA it's 7:30PM the same night. SNA which is the acronym for Santa Ana Airport has several names like Orange County Int'l Airport, John Wayne Airport and it starts to get confusing.  I usually call it just Orange County.
Layover at SFO
SFO で 2時間の乗り継ぎがありますが ここで休憩し SNA までは 1時間位、 SNA には Dinner Time に到着です。
We had a 2 hour layover at SFO so we rested at this bar. SNA is just over an hour away. We'll arrive in SNA at Dinner Time. LAX に直行の方が少し早いですが SNA は空いてますし荷物も早くピックアップできるのでスーと出れます。 Flying direct from Japan to LAX saves some time but going the SNA route, the airport is not crowded and you pick up your baggage a lot faster.
LAX から OC まで夕方で混んでいる Freeway を走るより楽かもしれません。羽田発時差ぼけも少ない感じです。 From LAX to OC in the late afternoon on the Freeway, forget it. But you can take it easy by landing in OC. Also, flying from Haneda, I feel like I have less jet-lag as well.