Little Tokyo - 小東京

久しぶりに LA にある小東京に行ってきました。そう Little Tokyo の事です。
その中に日本村 (Japanese Village) と言う商店街があります。
なぜかそんな場所で Hot Rod 系ウェアー等を扱う "Kools" と言うお店があります。
珍しい場所で珍しい商売をやっているのがオーナーの Masato-san,
It's been a while since I went to Little Tokyo in LA, so we went the other night. Inside Little Tokyo is a shopping area called Japanese Village. For some reason, there's a Hot Rod style clothing shop called "Kools" there too. It's an unusual business in an unusual location, however the owner is Japanese, named Masato. If you are ever in the area of Little Tokyo, be sure to stop by his shop and say hello. On a side note, compared to a period before, Little Tokyo has become a lively place and a pleasant place to visit.

Little Tokyo の Main Street "1st Street"

It is just like a mini version of Tokyo.

古い写真にも出ているサイン "Chop Suey" など
There are popular vintage neon signs that you might see in old photos, like "Chop Suey" etc.

小東京にある日本村 Japan Village 内にある "Kools"
In Little Tokyo's Japan Village is this shop called "Kools".

Shop 内に展示したあった古い Fuel Injection 何でも日系の Midget Racer が作った物らしいです。
Inside the shop you can see very old Fuel Injection. According to Masato, it was built by a Japanese-American Midget Racer from back in the day.