Steak House Jack's

今回は Jack's Steak を食べた
MOONEYES Staff の Happy Face をお届けします。  At the end of this month, it will come to a close. Hurry and visit before they do! We went to Jack's Steak House the other night after work. Here are a few MOONEYES Staff Happy Faces. Jack's Restaurant 横浜市中区本牧間門 43-14 43-14 Honmoku Makado, Yokohama TEL: 045-621-4379 松井君嬉しそうです。 左手にフォークを持つなら肉は左から切った方が食べやすいですね。 Kid Rocker (Matsui) looks delighted. Holding the fork in his left hand, it would be easier to eat by cutting from the left... 成田 Super Manager のブログもご覧下さい。 Narita Super Manager posted pictures on his blog too. 美味しい物を食べると自然と笑顔になります。 When you eat good food, it's natural to smile. 「幸せすぎて」って感じの遠藤君です。 彼のブログも楽しいですよ。 "Happiness exceeded" is what "END" (Endo) was feeling. Be sure to check out his blog entry too.