Bonneville Speed Week 2011

こういう今も Speed Week の真っ最中です。
Staff の "PAN" Sumi君から送られて来た画像で進めて行きます。
We are right in the middle of Speed Week.
MOONEYES Staff, "PAN" SUMI has been sending us images and here they are.

California の Shop から Wendover まで約 12時間の Long Drive 近そうで遠い距離です。
From the shop in California to Wendover, Utah it takes about 12 hours which is a very long drive.


Today, they setup the pit and called it a day.

昔は見かけない光景でしたが Swap Meet も有った様です。
This is something you never saw a long time ago, there was a Swap Meet there.

夕方から恒例の Cruise Night が Nevada 側にある State Line Hotel で開催されます。Wendover と言う街はネバダ州とユタ州の州境が街を2分している為、ネバダ側に行くとギャンブルも楽しめます。
From the evening, it's tradition to have a Cruise Night at the State Line Hotel on the border. Wendover is split into two by the border one part is Utah and the other is Nevada. On the Nevada side you can gamble too.

Day 2 スタートです。
Day 2 Start

OK, let's Rockn' Roll

But before we begin, let's eat breakfast!!

OK, Let's go!

Staging Area は Long Line, Bonneville 名物、順番を待つ渋滞。
The stating area has a long line. This is what Bonneville is also famous for, the waiting.

走行中突然 Motor が止まってしまったそうです。 原因究明中。
During the run, suddenly the motor just quit. Now they were troubleshooting.

Day 1 終わりました。
Day 1 was over.

Bonneville でしか購入できない記念 Tシャツとステッカー。
Out T-shirt and sticker that's only available at Bonneville.

これも Bonneville の必需品です。
This is also a must have for Bonneville.

Good Morning Bonneville, Day 2 がスタートです。
Good Morning Bonneville, Day 2 Start.

More trouble.

MOONEYES Pit は沢山の人で賑わっています。
There were a lot of people around the MOONEYES Pit area.

HCS 2011 Guest の木村サンも参戦中!!
HCS 2011 Guest, Chabott Engineering Shinya Kimura was participating!!

Day 2 も終了間際、 雲行きが怪しいです!
Day 2 finished. The clouds didn't look very good!

Motel に戻ったら大雨、 コースは大丈夫でしょうか?
もしそうなっているとレースは中止、 過去に何度なくありましたが
最近の異常気象のせいでしょうか Bonneville で降られた事余りませんでした。
街で降って、 コースは降っていないケースを祈るしかありません。
When they got back to the motel, it was pouring rain. The course was in question. The rain will get sucked down into the salt and ultimately will cause the races to be closed down and canceled. With the unusual weather at Bonneville, it could be possible that it's not raining on the course and that's what everyone was hoping. If so, the races will continue.

There was a rainbow over the course.

Day 3、 コースは大丈夫そうです。
Day 3, the course was fine.

At the course entrance, there was a lot of water, like a lake.

Day 4、 太陽が降った雨に反射し何ともBonnevilleです。
Day 4, The sun setting and being reflected off the water looking nothing like Bonneville.

Honda が 2台です。 雨でレースが中止になるのは辛いですがこれはこれで撮影タイムとなり楽しい時間です。
Two Honda bikes. With the rain, the races were stopped early but you can still enjoy photography time.

The course was fine so they set out for one run.

1回目 208.766マイルです。 悪くない!
でもこのクラスの Class Record は 219 MPH!!
The first run turned 208.766 MPH. Not bad!
The class record is currently 219 MPH!!

この日2回目の Try は 210.912 マイル!! 悪くない。
On the second run, the speed was 210.912 MPH!! Not bad.

The day was over.

Day 5

Jim Dunn Racing の Big Jim Dunn が Pit に。
Jim Dunn Racing's Big Jim Dunn at the Pit.

MQQN Cafe Italy の Claudio 君も到着。
MQQN Cafe Italy's Claudio stopped by too.

デフギアを交換し1回目の Try、 208.971 マイルでした。
遅くなっちゃいました。 こうやって1週間が過ぎ、1年が過ぎ、
気が付くと 20年、30年は当たり前、記録を目指し Racer は Bonneville に帰って来るのです。
The differential gear was swapped, which resulted in a 208.971 MPH run.
It made the car run slower. With limited places to run, this process of adjusting takes a long time. It's almost been a week now. A year since last Speed Week. Next think you know, 20-30 years of adjusting. Each racer does this and keeps coming back to Bonneville to get that land speed record.

2回目のTryは スピン! 今日はこれで終わりです。
On the 2nd run, Chico spun! The day was over.