Bonneville Speed Week Part II

Day 6, 8月 17日(水) 遂に 220.898mph を出し、 このクラスのレコード 219mph を超えました。
レコードは 2回走った平均を取る事になるので 2回目の Run は翌日の朝 7時からとなります。
走行中 Rocker Arm が一つ外れてしまっていた事、 それが無ければもう少し記録を延ばす事が出来ただろうとの事。
幸い大きな修理が必要そうでは無いので明日の Record Run も支障ないだろうと思っていたけど。。
Afternoon Day 6, August 17 (W) [Chico] made a 220.898mph pass, which makes him a contender for the class record which is currently 219mph.
However, in order to make a record, you must complete a two run average. You make one pass and turn around and make another pass within a limited time frame. The average of the two speeds are the official run. When you make a potential speed record on the first pass, you have to wait until the following morning at 7AM for the return run.
It was discovered that during the last run, a Rocker Arm came off. So perhaps it would have been possible to go even faster had it not came off.
Everyone was happy because the Rocker Arm would be a required fix but not a major task. They'd handle the fix in the morning before the Record Run.

記録を出した Race Car は BNI の Official により Regulation 違反がないか入念にチェックされます。
Any race car that is in line for a record run gets inspected by a BNI Official to make sure it's in regulation specifics for its class.

Inspection が終了すると 『Inspected」 のステッカーが貼られ、 整備しても良い時間も 12:56 と明記され それまでに整備を終わり、 車は Impound されます。 翌日の Record Run に出る車は Impound Area と呼ばれる立ち入り禁止エリアで翌日まで保管されます。
After the inspection, it gets an "Inspected" sticker and a time (12:56) written on it indicating how time the race car can be worked on. Once the time expires, maintenance must stop and the car is impounded. The impound is where the race car stays until its record run the next day. No one is allowed into the impound area.

Race Car は Impound Area にあり手も付けられないので今日は一日 Shop 店長です。
With the race car in the impound area and not being able to work on it, Chico spent the day behind the counter at the MOONEYES shop trailer.

こんな Food Booth もあり、 Bonneville も商業化されてきました。
Look at this Food Booth. Bonneville has really commercialized in recent times.

Day 7, Last Day 8月18日(木) いよいよ Record Run の朝です。 夜明け前から最終チェックに入っています。
Morning Day 7, Last Day August 18 (Thu), time for the Record Run. Before the sunrise, checks and final checks were being made.

あと 5分で誘導が始まります。
Showtime in five mintues.

Record Run!しかし!
残念ながら昨日壊した Rocker Arm がまた外れ Power が上がらず完走せずリタイヤとなりました。
Rocker Arm の損傷は見た目よりシリアスでヘッドに埋め込まれ入るスタッドにまで達していたそうです。
まぁ こうやって一年一年、時間が経ち記録を求め何十年の Bonneville 通いが続くのですね。
One Way ですが 220mph を出せて良かったです。
Dean MOON も MOONBEAM で One Way 200mph Over を出していますが Record Run がふるわず
クラスレコードを超えられず、また 200 Mile Club にも名前を残す事は出来ませんでした。
Bonneville は一筋縄では行きませんね。
2011 Bonneville Speed Week は幕を閉じました。
RECORD RUN! However...
Unfortunately, the rocker arm that came off the day before came off again but this time at the beginning of the run so there was no power. Visually the damage doesn't look too serious but the rocker arm stud that mounts to the head was pulled out. But, this is what it is. Year after year, again and again, the quest for speed is what brings them back to Bonneville every time.
One way speed of 220mph is awesome.
Dean MOON in the MOONBEAM was clocked in a one way run of over 200mph but on the Record Run, he never beat the class record, and also never made it officially into the 200 Mile Club.
Bonneville is not an ordinary place.
2011 Bonneville Speed Week is now over.