Hellaflush Japan

「10月1日に富士スピードウェイにて、 Fatlace にとって初となる日本でのイベント、Hellaflush Japan が行われます。」
と言う情報を頂戴したので富士スピードウエイに Blue Panic の金子社長と行ってきました。
若者の車離れと巷では騒いでいますが ここには若者が沢山いました。 それも思い思いの車と一緒にです。
"On Oct. 1st at Fuji Speedway, Fatlace will have their first event in Japan, called Hellaflush Japan." That was the message I received and so Mr. Blue (owner of Blue Panic) and I headed for Fuji Speedway.
I expected to see something very different there but there were a lot of younger generation people at the event and a lot of nice cars that were very similar in some aspects.

しかも若者しかいませんでした! 限定商品を販売するブースは長蛇の列!!
どうも昔の BBS ホイルが流行の様です。
また Wink Mirror 装着車も多かったです。
But there were a lot of youth there! There was a long line for limited edition event only items that were for sale at their booth!!
Presently, I don't think there are any events like this here. I was surprised.
Looks like old BBS wheels are currently a popular item again.
Also, there were a lot of cars with Wink Mirrors.
Once in a while it's important to check out the different scenes.
You can learn a lot.

(左) 古い Odyssey に BBS

(左) Bb に BBS

Here's our MOTTAINAI sticker!!

Wink Mirror!!

どうも Mr. Blue には何が何だか理解出来ないようです。
The entire time, Mr. Blue had a hard time understanding what's what.